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by dietingfashions on July 19, 2010

I am really excited to start this new diet. I recently received a promotion in the mail from Gourmet meals are delivered to my door every day that I want to. I purchased the 31 day plan so I get 31 days of prepared food delivered to my door!

Good thing because I love good food but hate to cook.


Fresh Diet 07/19/10 Menu

Here is the Menu for my 1st day on the diet. It looks really good and when I got it, the food came in a awesome cooler. The portions are adequate, not the super large portions like everywhere else. Hopefully everything tastes as good as it looks.

It was really easy to select what I want to eat for each day. I would get several selections to choose from for each meal and 2 snacks a day.

The program was easy to sign up and very easy to start scheduling the deliveries. The only problem I experienced was the delay in which I could log in to the account to schedule and select the foods. I think because I signed up at night around midnight. After waiting 30 minutes and still unable to log in, I just went to bed. But in the morning, I could log in with no problems. My account probably just needed to be verified and activated.

I have always wondered about these diets. Nutrisystem etc. But Fresh Diet caught my attention with their promo: $30 per day for 31 days. Originally $44.95 per day.

I have been working out and have been feeling great. Hopefully with the nutrition part out of the way, I can lose more weight and look healthier. My problem is that I recently had a baby. With 20 lbs left on my frame, my doctor recommended me to start losing the pounds asap. He really scared me to get back into shape. He told me “I just don’t want you to carry the extra weight for the rest of your life.”

I understand his concern. This is my 2nd child so he knows it’s harder to time manage everything into place. Many women put their health on the line because their main concern is their children. But if I lose this weight now, I won’t have to think about losing it again or until the next baby. =)

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