Milk Crate Wire Basket Organizers

Target is the new IKEA. There are many stylish decor and organizational items at Target that IKEA doesn’t stock. Recently, these milk crates with rose gold metal handles caught my eye.

These are the Threshold Milk Crate Wire Baskets. (Here) Also right now use code STPATRICK to get up to 20% off Home items. 
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Closet Makeover Part 2

This is Part 2 in my closet makeover. To see my closet Part 1, go here. I always wanted one of those Ikea closets with the drawers, the sections, and the shoe rack! After going to Ikea so many times, I had found what I needed. I decided to purchase the Besta bookcase, add the Inreda drawers with front panels. But once again, something happened and I had to improvise.

As you can see in this picture, are 2 bookcases that have been added to the back of my closet. These birch finished bookcases were not what I had in mind. I wanted white shelves in which I could add a drawer system. However, my husband wanted to purchase 2 desks for our work office. While walking through Ikea, he had seen the Lasse desk with 1 drawer. The birch effect on this desk is perfect for our office. Our co-workers do not really maintain desks in particular, very well. Our office desks that we are replacing are just in bad condition with markings, even chipped wood, broken keyboard trays etc. Considering it’s been 6 years since we got those desks, it’s been used to it’s fullest value.

When we picked up the desks at the warehouse, the packaging was 69 POUNDS! We read the product description and it said 1 desk and 1 bookcase. Since we were getting 2 desks, we would get 2 bookcases too. I decided, “What the heck! I’ll put these bookcases in my closet. Instead of 1 large one, 2 would work. I am glad I got 2 bookcases because it’s sectioned for me. The birch wood is amazing. I know it’s not real birch, but the effect is lovely, clean, and simple. It is smooth to the touch, and the wood like texture is very stylish. Not only we saved money, I am pretty happy about my “new” closet.

Closet Makeover Part 1

I have a column of built in shelves that’s a part of my closet. For the past 5 years, I threw shoes on top of shoes, in every nook and cranny of these shelves. It was a total mess!

I was sick of looking at the HORROR of my closet. So one night, I took out every thing! It looked good empty.

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