Closet Makeover Part 1

I have a column of built in shelves that’s a part of my closet. For the past 5 years, I threw shoes on top of shoes, in every nook and cranny of these shelves. It was a total mess!

I was sick of looking at the HORROR of my closet. So one night, I took out every thing! It looked good empty.


Now it’s much better organized. First I lined all the shelves with a clear liner. I even lined the bottom carpeted one where I store my boots. I purchased these shoes boxes from IKEA for $9.99/ 4 pk. It’s nylon mesh with a transparent front. What’s also cool is the front has a strap that turns into a handle for easy mobility.

For shelves that cannot fit 2 rows of shoe boxes, I would place the shoes I wore most often on top of it for quick access.

Shelving on height level, I store my handbags that need to stay upright. I like that I can grab the handbag and pair of shoes easily and quickly. This is only a partial part of my closet. Hopefully I will be able to add drawers and sections like how I imagine my closet should be.


Author: dietingfashion

I'm a mom of 2 girls. I struggled to lose the baby weight the second time around and by blogging my struggles helped me deal with a lot of the stress. During my struggles, I had random strangers ask me "How far along are you?" or "When are you due?" I was embarrassed. Most of the time I told them the truth, that I had given birth X months before. There were a couple of times I lied and said what they wanted to hear. When I was at a normal weight, I then struggled to find what clothes fit me. Everything about fashion went out the door and I had to re-learn what clothes and sizes fit my post pregnancy body the 2nd time around.

7 thoughts on “Closet Makeover Part 1”

  1. Ohh I am jealous! We have like no closet space. As a matter of fact, I had to have my husband drill in and install a super low 2nd bar in the closet, and it’s so low to the ground that all it fits is pants, skirts, and cropped blazers, haha. And I definitely need a better system to organize my shoes 🙂
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