What’s DietingFashions?

When I first started Dietingfashions, I just had my 2nd child. This pregnancy was a lot different than my first. I was on bed rest most of my 2nd pregnancy because of preterm labor. I did make it to full term with my baby. We were very lucky that I had a supportive family (Husband is the BEST! He worked non-stop for months.)

After giving birth to Emma, my 2nd child, I couldn’t lose the baby weight fast enough. Six months after giving birth, people randomly on the streets would ask me, “Oh when are you due?” To my shame, I lied and said “I just gave birth 5 weeks ago.” My OBGYN pressured me to lose the weight, saying things like I’m obese and that if I want to have more kids, I need to lose the weight.

I was sadden to hear negativity. Who hasn’t dealt with weight issues. I thought I was past that point in my life to hear about weight. I heard it all through high school and college. F-A-T is really hateful. I was never that F-A-T. But it’s all relative.

You see, I am a borderline petite and average sized girl, a petweeny in fact. Right at the cusp. I’m 5’6″ – Tall for an Asian girl. But average for an American girl. So if I hang around Asians, I tend to feel awkward and F-A-T. My Asian friends were very petite and skinny. My American friends were 5’7″ to 5’11” height with long model legs. I felt like I was not proportionate. Those were the high school days. Puberty really screws with you.

I figured I needed to take my doctor’s advice. He’s a medical professional. I think he noticed signs that were not looking good for my health like the fact that I did not lose any baby weight. Not a good sign. So that’s how DietingFashions got started.

It was this blog I used to track my progress, from the diets to the fitness. This baby weight has taken a lot longer to lose – 22 months compared to 10 months with my first child Megan. I still haven’t lost it all. I need to lose another 5-8 lbs, and those last couple pounds are the worst.

I also used this blog to express my thoughts on raising two entirely different children. By blogging I was able to de-stress mentally and have a creative outlet to just voice all my opinions. I needed that with all the chaos throughout the day – Toddler just fell down, Baby is crying, Toddler wants something to eat, Baby just crapped a load full, Toddler needs to use the potty NOW!, Baby needs MILK NOW! and the situations goes and on. It still does. I’m not trying to scare anyone out of parenthood. It really is the best thing that happened to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not that anyone who is childless would believe me. ~sigh~

I think now that I slimmed down, I knew I have to work on my appearance. Being a mom of two, I think I lost my sense of fashion for almost 1 year. I woke up one morning and said “I look awful in this. Nothing fits. What’s wrong with me?” Have you seen a hormonal mother of 2 kids rummaging through her closet with NOTHING TO WEAR!?!?!? You don’t want to.

I needed help and guidance. I love the clothes that I have. What would look good with that skirt, how to style with that cardigan, can I recycle this top. Thoughts and outfits flew around and around. It first landed on Shopstyle.com. Then I realized that I can easily do it on my blog. So you stay around also. Take a look at my wardrobe and let me know what you think.

4 thoughts on “What’s DietingFashions?”

  1. Hi Helen,
    I stumbled upon your website though browsing other fashion bloggers and am so inspired by your story. I am a young mother of two little boys and can totally relate to you. Can’t wait to read through your blogs and follow you through this dietingfashion journey! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you for your comments! Two little boys! I wanted 4 kids since I was an only child. Now that I’m half way there, I feel like 2 is enough. Sometimes I feel like I should have stopped at 1. Those are the days I want to curl up somewhere quiet and be alone!

  2. Oh I used to go on dates and have menfolk ask, ” Are you pregnant?” IT was mortifying!
    To this day I have to watch every single thing I eat.

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