Petite Fashion Challenge #14: Holiday Fashion Emergency

This month’s Petite Fashion Challenge is hosted by the cool and sophisticated Couture Coco. I love her blog. She has a sassy fashion sense.

Holiday Emergency Senario
You have a pre-booked dinner date on the first day of your holiday. But the emergency is your luggage is delayed. So this month’s challenge is to style your travel outfit into a special evening look using whatever you carry in your purse and anything else immediately at hand (ie no running out to buy a new outfit!).

Top: Banana Republic Silk Blouse with Mandarin Collar and Side Pleats (similar here), Ann Taylor Loft Sleeveless Tank (similar here)
Jacket: Yesstyle StyleKelly Tweed Jacket (similar here)
Bottoms: A/X Jeggings (simialr here)
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft Suede Pumps
Belt: Banana Republic Braided Metallic Belt (similar here)
Handbag: Chanel Wallet On Chain in Dark Red (similar here)
Jewelry: Jewelmint Persephone Pendant (here)

When I travel, I travel light, usually one carryon, and my handbag. The senario is if I had lost my luggage or its been delayed, I know that bag would have contained non essentials, like my party dress, dressy trousers, hair tools and products.

What I like about this outfit is that super comfortable. I know that I would have these pieces on hand in my carryon. A pair of jeggings, a loose silk blouse, a blousy sleevless tank, and a pair of heels. Oh and I can’t forget the jacket. I easily get cold, so a jacket is always nearby.

I love doing these fashion challenges because it pushes my creativity to another level. First I don’t think I would have layered at all. But the photos show that layering creates this dimension of color that I really like. I would have just worn the silk blouse, grabbed my coat and gone out. Next is the belt. By belting the loose fitting shirts, I created a waistline. Otherwise the shirts would make my body look like a pillow.

I’m always open to suggestions on how to make an outfit better. I’m learning myself, so I’m in no way saying I’m an expert.


Author: dietingfashion

I'm a mom of 2 girls. I struggled to lose the baby weight the second time around and by blogging my struggles helped me deal with a lot of the stress. During my struggles, I had random strangers ask me "How far along are you?" or "When are you due?" I was embarrassed. Most of the time I told them the truth, that I had given birth X months before. There were a couple of times I lied and said what they wanted to hear. When I was at a normal weight, I then struggled to find what clothes fit me. Everything about fashion went out the door and I had to re-learn what clothes and sizes fit my post pregnancy body the 2nd time around.

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  1. I need to check out yesstyle! It’s similar to uniqueen right? All Asian brands? The jacket is beautiful and just like you I am a super light traveler. My years of consulting and life on the road made me real good at packing so it would be unlikely that my bag would be lost or delayed….
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