Petite Fashion Challenge #14: Holiday Fashion Emergency

This month’s Petite Fashion Challenge is hosted by the cool and sophisticated Couture Coco. I love her blog. She has a sassy fashion sense.

Holiday Emergency Senario
You have a pre-booked dinner date on the first day of your holiday. But the emergency is your luggage is delayed. So this month’s challenge is to style your travel outfit into a special evening look using whatever you carry in your purse and anything else immediately at hand (ie no running out to buy a new outfit!).

Top: Banana Republic Silk Blouse with Mandarin Collar and Side Pleats (similar here), Ann Taylor Loft Sleeveless Tank (similar here)
Jacket: Yesstyle StyleKelly Tweed Jacket (similar here)
Bottoms: A/X Jeggings (simialr here)
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft Suede Pumps
Belt: Banana Republic Braided Metallic Belt (similar here)
Handbag: Chanel Wallet On Chain in Dark Red (similar here)
Jewelry: Jewelmint Persephone Pendant (here)

When I travel, I travel light, usually one carryon, and my handbag. The senario is if I had lost my luggage or its been delayed, I know that bag would have contained non essentials, like my party dress, dressy trousers, hair tools and products.

What I like about this outfit is that super comfortable. I know that I would have these pieces on hand in my carryon. A pair of jeggings, a loose silk blouse, a blousy sleevless tank, and a pair of heels. Oh and I can’t forget the jacket. I easily get cold, so a jacket is always nearby.

I love doing these fashion challenges because it pushes my creativity to another level. First I don’t think I would have layered at all. But the photos show that layering creates this dimension of color that I really like. I would have just worn the silk blouse, grabbed my coat and gone out. Next is the belt. By belting the loose fitting shirts, I created a waistline. Otherwise the shirts would make my body look like a pillow.

I’m always open to suggestions on how to make an outfit better. I’m learning myself, so I’m in no way saying I’m an expert.