Versatile Blogger of The Year!

When I started this blog, it was just a canvas to express my thoughts, concerns, and my writings. I always wanted to moonlight as a writer, romance writer to be exact. However, writing dialogue and character building never really interested me. The dialogue and characters were always interesting in my head, but not exactly on paper. How could I write about a character when I didn’t really know who I was? At that point in my life, I had 2 kids, 2 years apart. I was hormonal, and I felt like my world shrunk to just my two little (loud, and rambunctious) girls.

I was feeling more like my old self in July 2011. What fascinated me was the fashion blogging community. Instead of buying People Magazine, Lucky and Cosmopolitan, I figured why not be creative in what I’m wearing from day to day. Why not share my ideas and outfits whether right or wrong? Being fashion minded is what motivated me to lose my baby weight and put me on the road to discover what type of fashion really works with my new body type.

A week ago, I was nominated for “Versatile Blogger of The Year” from The GSB. I am truly honored. I have not been blogging long – maybe 4 months. I know I have a long way to go. But I’m having fun and that’s what matters. Thank you for going on this journey of discovery with me.

With the Versatile Blogger of The Year award comes a list of rules. And these rules are:

1. Thanking source of the nomination:
THE GSB – You are Amazing. Thank you so much!

2. Posting a Link to the Award:

3. Nominate 10-15 other bloggers for Versatile Blogger of The Year and letting them that with the honor, there are rules

4. Finally, state 7 facts about oneself.

My 10 Nominees are:

1. Creative Fashion Glee
Glee is a lovely woman who just celebrated her 1st Wedding Anniversary. I love her great outfits and her style tips. Many of her fashion finds are really affordable and easily incorporated with any outfit.

2. Bravoe Runway
Bessie is a strong and diligent woman. While work full time and running a fashion blog, she also graduate with a Masters in Business this year. Her blog features reviews on beauty products, outfit of the day posts, and even DIY projects. She is really sweet and open about any fashion trend.

3. Really Petite
Annie is so pretty! I love her work outfit posts. Her wardrobe is largely from Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft items which I adore because those are the brands my closet is consisted of. I really like the idea of using Annie’s experiences to better my own. Her reviews are clear and her photos express her style.

4. Fash Boulevard
Anna is a southern Alabama girl living in the fast life of L.A. Her style is young, sexy, and fashionable. With style icons like Lauren Conrad, Anna’s photos expresses a fun and feminine fashion style. Her outfits are so fun and edgy. I love the energy she exudes through her outfits.

5. Sew Petite Gal
With an Etsy shop featuring her beautiful handcrafted jewelry creations, SPG is such a sweet blogger. I love her projects and her outfit reviews. You can tell she is truly a creative person with a sense of fashion. Her jewelry is very ladylike especially the strands of pearls (she even shows you how to create it).

6. La Belle Mel
I found about Mel when she was voted Best Outfit for Color Brigade challenge about 1 month ago. While on, I came across Mel’s shopping finds and reviews. Very informative and thorough. Her outfits are exactly what I would wear, so I can totally relate to her fashion. It’s hard to find common ground. You might like how certain outfits look but it might not necessarily be something you would wear.

7. Mix And Match Fashion
Tara is another Color Brigade winner, several weeks ago. Her color palette is awesome, very eye popping and tasteful. She’s a teacher so I love her casual work wear outfits. She makes me want to add more color to my wardrobe. I have never really commented on her posts, mostly enjoyed her blog from afar.

8. Hearty Chic
HeartyChic focuses on shopping and trends that are popping up anywhere and everywhere. Based in Montreal, Cananda, AshleyKCC is so on top of the game that every time I check out her blog, I spend at least an hour perusing it. Her informative collection of photos are magnetic and so stunning. I don’t know how she finds all those photos.

9. Searching For Middle Ground
Carrie is a newlywed who is enjoying married life and the joys of homeownership. I really like to read about her day to day activities whether it’s baking, decorating, or even little tidbits about her life. I think blogging is so fun because it opens doors and there’s no boundaries. We all take pleasure in little things in each other’s lives.

10. Integral Chic
Her IFB avatar is like a Japanese Darth Vader. Tiffany welcomed me to the IFB world. Her blog is filled with a sense of fashion that is fashion forward and very hip. I like her content and tend to just ghost her blog.

7 Facts About Dietingfashions

1. I do not know how to sing. I work in a karaoke store. We sell karaoke music and equipment. But I have no talent at all. People ask me to demo the equipment and I tell them, “I do not sing.” Alright, I sing in the shower or I hum, but I cannot carry a tune.

2. I was very artsy as a child. Won Honorable Mention in 1st Grade for my painting of an Ice Cream Cone. 2nd Grade, won a poetry contest. My poem The Witch and the Pumpkin was a memorable poem that my parents till this day still mentions to their friends. 5th Grade won Best Overall for my City Scape drawing. 6th Grade Honorable Mention for my Self Portrait. 10th Grade – 1st Place in Citywide Poetry Contest among High Schools.

3. I played the Violin for 10 years. It was not my first choice. I wanted to play the Flute. My dad signed me up for Violin Classes but it grew on me. I ended up also playing the Viola and Cello.

4. I didn’t pursue any artistic classes in college. I wanted to focus on graduating as early as possible. So in my 4 years at Tulane U, I received a Bachelors in Business Management, Business Marketing and a Minor in Pyschology. I had a plan and I stuck with it. Too bad it burned me out.

5. I know how to crochet. In high school, I earned extra money making crocheting scrunchies. I still need to finish a blanket. I am almost finished after 10 years of working on it.

6. My next splurge will be a Disney World Trip for 6 Adults and 2 Kids in December 2012. I begin the savings fund 01/01/2012. We want the whole shebang suite, the character dinners and shows, and the Christmas experience.

7. I have never won anything monetary in my life. I watch those E! shows that follows up on people who won the lottery. Sometimes they win twice. I know deep down I don’t have that luck. So in the meantime I work my butt off so I can hopefully retire earlier than my parents.

I hope everyone is having a great New Year’s Celebration. I am already hearing the fireworks bursting outside. Onward to 2012 with my set of resolutions, I hope everyone out there is ready for 2012! Happy New Year!

J. Crew Factory Fitting Room Outfits

I have been obsessed with finding something at J. Crew. I think because the last time I shopped at J. Crew I found a coral button down shirt that is now a basic necessity in my wardrobe. You can see how I styled it during Thanksgiving here.

After walking around for 20 minutes, I decided to try on a couple of items.

This coat is a size 2 Regular. It fits very nicely. Not too snug, not too loose. But looking at the color, it was very gloomy. I was wanting a more vibrant colored coat. Electric blue, royal purple or even a coral red. None were available. It was a very bare J. Crew Factory store. Most items were repeatedly displayed. There were many sale racks however, more mediums – xx large sizes. I find it odd how I fit a size 4-6 in majority of brands, but I’m a 2 in J. Crew. I don’t like how J. Crew plays with my mind like that.

Next, I took a page from Wendy’s Lookbook. Her Layering Video was amazing (View here), so I decided to layer beyond my comfort zone. I layered using a blue camp shirt, a black/white checkered shirt with a field jacket layered over. A very different look eh?

I was hoping for a more pulled together edgy look with all the layers, but that didn’t happen. I look more rough and bikerly. I put the field jacket back but decided to purchase the camp shirt and the checkered shirt. I think I can work with these two pieces in various ways.

Anyone pick up something interesting?

Map of Paris Scarf + Striped Long Sleeved Tee

Top: BDG White Carditgan, Ann Taylor Loft Stiped Long Sleeved Tee
Bottom: Ann Taylor Loft Slim Leg Grey Cords
Shoes: Steve Madden Candence Boots
Bag: Coach Hobo
Scarf: StyleKelly Map of Paris Scarf from

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry because my kids like to yank on them. I have two curious little girls and they love my bracelects and necklaces. If I’m wearing one, it will be off and around their necks almost instantly. So instead of jewelry I accessorize with scarves and purses.

My scarf collection is mostly from Ann Taylor Loft because it’s very affordable. About a month ago, when I purchased my Tweed Jacket from, this Lemon Yellow scarf caught my eye. What was about this scarf? It’s a dainty yellow color with a greenish, gray trim. But it had a partial Map of Paris, France on it. It shows the area of the Seine River and around the Notre Dame Cathedral. I’m not sure if it’s an accurate map but I don’t mind. I think it’s pretty special. I had a lot of compliments because people thought it was pretty unique.

I live in comfortable clothing. I do know that I need to step up my outfit choices. It feels like my outfits still make me look like I’m in college somehow. Maybe instead of this cardigan, I need to wear a blazer. I do get frustrated of my choices, but I’m learning more and more everyday what an outfit can do.

What else should I change with this outfit?

Banana Republic Sweater Blazer + Leg Warmers

Top: Ann Taylor Loft Print Smock with banded hem
Blazer: Banana Republic Sweater Blazer
Bottom: Ann Taylor Loft Skinny Jeans
Leg Warmers: Hollister Leg Warmers
Shoes: Steve Madden Candence Boots

One of my purchases at the end of this summer season was this Banana Republic Sweater Blazer. It’s made of a terry cottom blend that is lightweight and perfect for the weather Houston has been having. With this outfit I wanted to try the Leg Warmer trend. But I think I failed at it. The Leg Warmers I have are a little schoolish, not trendy as I thought it would be. Maybe with the right outfit I can pull it off. I do like the overall outfit.

J. Crew Minnie Pants + Missoni Scarf

Top: Ann Taylor Satin Sleeveless Tier Top
Bottom: J. Crew Minnie Pants in Grey
Shoes: Nina Ricci Peep Toe Bow Slingbacks in Silver
Coat: Zara
Scarf: Missoni Infinity Scarf

I decided to try J. Crew’s Minnie pants. I have been hearing that it’s flattering on all body types. Since it was on sale during Black Friday with 25% off, might as well try it.

I do like how it fits. It elongates my legs making them look leaner and it slims down my hips. Much kudos to the pants. Unfortunately it itches and feels so scratchy when I put it on. The inside fabric is a bit rough and scratchy. Perhaps a defect on my pair?

Luckily, after wearing it for an hour, the scratchiness went away. I guess I got used to the material. The stretchy material and semi high waist is great for shaping my body and helps hide a bit of tummy.

Many women after childbirth are left with a tummy. So I do feel like J. Crew touted this Minnie Pants very accurately. I do find also what helps hide my tummy are tiered tops that have diagonal layers. This Ann Taylor Satin Tiered Stretch Top is a lifesaver. The tiers help hide my tummy while accentuating my upper body. This is one of my favorite tips because I can easily wear it with shorts, jeans, slacks, skirts etc.

This is my first Missoni scarf. I splurged and totally adore the multicolored chevron design. It is so light, poofy and warm. I want to snuggle with it.

Did anyone pick up this Minnie pants? What’s your review on it? How would you style it?