BCBGMaxazria Strapless Tulle Party Dress

Recently Haute Look (referal, cashback) had a flash sale of BCBGMaxazria dresses. I bit the bullet and ordered 3 dresses. I have a wedding coming up in March and these dresses are what I usually liked. Generally BCBGMaxazria dresses are priced at $349, average.

I got the Strapless Tulle Party Dress in Vanilla color for $169.

When I pulled this dress out of the box, I was delighted to feel soft tulle with sequins beading. The draping around the torso created a ruche like effect that was very dreamy. However when I tried the dress on, a size 6, it was too tight around the midriff thus created bunching. The dress was lined but I felt like I was wearing a Prom Dress rather than a Party Dress.

I didn’t like this dress on me at all. It did not do anything to my figure. I returned it to HauteLook.com.

Should I have done something different? Would an accessory have helped saved this dress?

Your Age vs. Your Diet

“You are what you eat.” – Victor Lindlahr

What you eat affects many aspects of your life. Food remains the number 1 item to give your body the proper fuel and nutrition. The food that your put into your body dictates how your body process things. When eating moderately, the nutrition contributes to your bones, brains, and heart. Eating in excess, has a reverse affect on your body, adding more fat that easily clogs ateries and veins that prevent mobility and increases conception of diseases.

I live my life trying to balance every thing I eat. Yes, I get the intense cravings for Godiva chocolate but I know if I eat the entire box, my face will explode with acne and then I will see my weight increase within several days. Some people don’t care. But I know I’m vain enough to control my appetite. Vainity is my motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

After my second child, Emma, was born, I noticed my weight barely budged from the scales. My doctor’s recommendation that I lose that weight now before it spiraled out of control – I was immediately afraid. I came across a Rachael Ray article regarding Super Foods and was surprised that I was probably not losing the weight because I wasn’t eating right for my age. I was only a year away from 30. According to Rachael Ray:

Best Foods for Your 20s are:
1. Eating Your Veggies especially those that contain Vitamin B and folate.
2. Coconut Water along with Bananas and sweet potato are low in calories and contains potassium – great for your skin.
3. Quinoa – a whole grain that ups the fiber content of your diet. You need to watch the refine flour in white bread and pasta – too much of these carbs tend to add to your weight quickly.
4. Low fat greek yogurt is great for Vitamin D for those non milk drinkers. You still need to find other vitamin D sourcces for your bones to prevent ostereoporis.
5. Frozen fruit as replacement of sugary foods. If you want that piece of chocolate, swap it for frozen fruit that is handy from your freezer.
6. Chicken and eggs to add protein to your body without the high contents of fat.

Best Foods for 30s:
1. Walnuts relieves stress and eating nuts decreases high blood pressure.
2. Oatmeal reduces cholestrol and contains stress relievers.
3. Edamame helps you sleep better.
4. Avocado contains a lot of folate that helps prevent birth defects in pregnancies such as cleft lip or palate.
5. Light tuna contains high omega 3s that fights depression and boosts fertility.
6. Lentils contains fiber and antioxidants.

Best Foods for your 40s:
1. Ginger regulates your blood pressure and helps out with your sex life too.
2. Kale helps out with your eye sight.
3. Cherries are great for reducing inflammation of your joints.
4. Salmon are high in omega 3s for your joints.
5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is better for your heart.
6. Green Tea is essential to boost your metabolism and helps out with your memory.

Also check out The Doctors. They have several articles relate to Eating Right For Your Age

Foods are very important in fighting colds and maintaining every day health. I know if my throat hurts, Honey mixed in with hot water and a bit of lemon will soothe it almost instantly. Garlic and low fat plain yogurt and canberries helps keep yeast infections and UTIs away.

We live in a drug filled world. I rather try more natural ways to maintain my health. I hate taking medications. If I want my Vitamin D, I will drink milk or have a string cheese snack. Vitamin C – eat an orange. Folic Acid – eat my greens like spinach or avocado.

There’s so many foods that relates to my age. I am not going to pass it up and have something happen to me if I can prevent it.

Ann Taylor Loft Cowl Neck + Layering Striped Shirt

Top: Cowl Neck Long Sleeve and Striped Boatneck Layering Shirt – Ann Taylor Loft

Bottom: Petite Modern Slim Leg Corduroy Pants – Ann Taylor Loft – sz 28 Petite
Shoes: Banana Republic Studded Wedges (old)

I bought the Cowl Neck Tee in 3 different colors – Desert Sand, Ultra Plum and shown Mystic Ocean. I love these cowl necks. They are soft and comfy. I like these more than a turtleneck because it’s looser and doesn’t constrict. So if it gets too hot outside, I’m less likely to overheat. For a nippier days, I’ll add the boatneck tee underneath for extra warmth. Now it hasn’t been getting that cold. It’ll be windy, and chilly in the morning but by noon it’s in the High 70s. Perfect for shorts and a tee. By putting on thin layers and just pulling them off when the weather changes, I’m able to adjust my outfit right at work or wherever I’m at.

I don’t feel like I’m wearing that much layers. It’s very light. The same goes for the Modern Slim Leg Cords. The ones I’m wearing is Incense Khaki. I also have it in Pink Rouge and Grey. These are lightweight cords that hug to my body and don’t feel like denim at all. The only complaint is that when I walk, the fabric on the inside of my thighs rubs together and it makes this grrrr, grrrr noise. A bit annoying.

Sunglasses: Cat Eyes – Ralph by Ralph Lauren

These glasses are not the average dainty sunglasses. I love the tilt of the glasses – the cat eye expression- very seductive. Why I had to have this pair? It’s PURPLE! Yes, the other side is striped purple to give a funky edge to the sunglasses. This is my go to pair now. It fits nicely and doesn’t pinch the sides of my head (like my Michael Kors one) and there is no pressure on my ears.

This entire outfit is easy to wear. I can wear it grocery shopping, hanging out with my kids, even go to my work (my office doesn’t have a dress code but still need to keep it professional). The pieces of clothing are easily mixed and remixed.

Have you run into any versatile pieces lately?

Crave: The Cross Body

If I could, I would buy handbags in bulk. Handbags are so verstile. You use it for everything. But the right handbag could make a plain outfit dazzling. It could make a sexy dress even sexier. It could be a fashion statement or even a class indicator. Whichever handbag you choose, you need to look at quality in design and trend. Most importantly, are you going to use this bag to make it worth buying.

My current handbag obssesion is the cross body. Why? I am an on the go mom. I need both hands to hang on to both of my kids. I also need to tote around my wallet, keys, cell phone and a pacifier (for the 1 yr old – she won’t give it up!). I do need it wide enough to store a sippy cup for a couple of minutes. A cross body bag is perfect for quick errands or even dropping the kids off at school. Too big of a bag and it becomes too bulky and cumbersome.

Which handbag are you craving for?

My Perfect Outfit

Top: Ann Taylor Loft Lace Inset Tank, Banana Republic Suit Blazer, UO Striped Cardigan
Bottom: Armani Exchange Jeggings
Shoes: First Picture – Banana Republic Studded Wedges, Other Pictures – Seychelles Stacked Heel Tall Boots
Handbag: First Picture – Coach Leather Crossbody, Other Pictures – BCBGMAXAZRIA Lambskin Studded Hobo Crossbody

With the first picture, I wanted to show that by changing your accessories, the whole outfit can change. The first picture with the smaller crossbody bag and wedges, is my conservative look. I need to be at a PTO meeting, picking up my kids, doing something that requires speed then the wedges are my go to shoes for that day. I want to wear something comfortable, that won’t hurt my feet or turn my ankle. The smaller crossbody makes me carry my essentials so I don’t have to dig around for this or that. I like this handbag for that reason because sometimes if I let go of my kid’s hand just for a second, she would go running off in a different direction. I like to think this particular outfit explains the “mom sensibility.”

The other pictures depict taller boots and a bigger handbag. I love how this outfit gives me a boost of confidence. The boots and the handbag with STUDS (my favorite detail at the moment) just has this different vibe. I usually wear this outfit for ladies night, or to a luncheon. I have gone to work like this too. I have worn this outfit too many times. It’s my go to outfit.

What is your go to outfit for a normal day?