Treadmill Determination

by dietingfashions on April 17, 2009

I was planning to name this entry “Treadmill ACTION” but I thought Determination was a better word. Determination all in all motivates me to ACT. I hate exercising… well who doesn’t but, it is sooo good for me. It’s hard to make excuses.

It has been 4-5 months since I stepped on a treadmill. That last time was a week before a wedding in January. I had to fit my dress. Unfortunately, by the time the wedding rolled by, I could barely fit. So after a 20 minute treadmill workout, I was exhausted. My body was achy, sweaty, and I felt like crap.

My sides hurt, my back and shoulders felt like it was in tatters… like someone shredded my tendons and ligaments and pulled my limbs from its sockets. 20 minutes and yet my entire being was about to shut down.

I drowned myself in waterto hydrate myself. The aches subsided and by the end of the day I was myself again. I feel better after the workout. I think I’m at a stage in my life where I can make free time for myself.

The baby is getting older. She’s more independent. Later she’ll be in pre school most of the day. I need to start a tight schedule. I really awful with schedules. I want to fit in a couple of different classes, such as Spanish classes, maybe MBA classes, and even hiphop dance classes. Maybe I’ll pick up Violin lessons again.

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