Blogging in 2016


It’s been a while since I have blogged. My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer and breast cancer in November 2014. 2015 was spent in and out of doctors’ offices, stressed out beyond anything I’ve ever imagined, and was plagued with numerous familial deaths. My mom was not one of the family members that passed.

She is still kicking it and fighting. She’s eating, walking, talking – you name it. Unfortunately, the breast cancer has not gone away. One day at a time.

My mom’s dad passed last year, along with my cousin who committed suicide due to PTSD. He was a marine.

2016 is the year, I promised to take my kids to Disney World. So I’m saving up and already planning our trip of a lifetime. Forget the worries, the stresses in life and all the obstacles – Disney ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’ – Here we come!

End of the Year » Merry Christmas to All!

xmas2014I’m glad 2014 is ending. It has not been a great year for my family.

– In February 2014, my eldest daughter was diagnosed with lymphatic malformation behind her ear. A lymph node behind her ear is malformed. It would swell up with cysts that are filled with blood. The size of it will vary with her growth. That means the older she gets the bigger the swelling. It is currently a golf ball size. It does go away after 6-8 weeks, but it will last her entire life. It gets worst when she hits puberty. She cannot take birth control due to the increase in hormones and she will live with flare ups while menstruating and pregnancy. Lymphatic malformation is not life threatening but only when it gets infected.

– April 2014, my dad wrecked his car. He was not injured but the car was totaled.

– July 2014, my husband’s grandfather died at the age of 91 (1 more month til 92).

– September 2014, my mom began to feel ill. She was scared to go to the doctor and procrastinated.

– October 2014, my mom suffered a heart attack. She was told to undergo triple bypass surgery. She refused and I was extremely stressed.

– November 2014, my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. It has not spread to her liver or lung but the cancer is very large. She refused surgery and is self treating herself.

– December 2014, two of my daughters get the flu. My eldest daughter has a flare up of the lymph node. It is hard and filled with blood. It’s not painful but there’s pressure and itchiness from the swelling. My mom has been self treating with B17 Apricot Seeds. She feels good on it but she has a very acidic taste in her mouth all the time. We are trying to balance her diet out.

I do wish to follow through on several resolutions for the New Year.

1. Learn to cook different meals for my kids and husband. Health makes the family whole.

2. Find a way to lessen stress of my mom.

3. Be better at time management to help my mom but not forget my kids and husband.

These are more like goals rather than resolutions.

What do you want to change or conquer in 2015?


Weddings » Highlights and Reunions! (Photo Intensive)

This was a really long overdue post. May 5th, 2012 began with an early flight from Houston’s Hobby airport, flying to New Orleans. As always the first thing people notice about New Orleans is the humidity. The air was thick and without any breeze. To me, it’s still home (even though I reside in Houston now). The usual quick drive from New Orleans to Gulfport, Mississippi was a little delayed due to road construction (on a Saturday – you got to be kidding me). Instead of going straight to the in-laws place for outfit change and makeup touch ups, I headed to the shopping outlet.


Because I forgot my strapless bra! And shape wear.

We were late to Debbie’s wedding at Nativity BVM Cathedral. My husband was able to revisit fond memories of this Church. He attended Nativity BVM from first grade to sixth grade. It was good to be there with him and support Debbie and Mac’s union.

I have to give photo credits (besides the photo booth pictures) to my friend (and one of my groomsmen) Tobie Nguyen. All my photos were not good. His are so much better.


Debbie, Mac and her Family

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Birthday Gift Dilemma

My husband’s birthday is next week. I have been thinking what I could get him. It’s just that he doesn’t seem to want anything. Asking him what he wants, doesn’t work. He doesn’t even know what he wants.

And I don’t think I can beat last year’s present. I got him tickets to the New Orleans Saints game vs Green Bay, which Saints kicked butt and broke the record for the most points scored in the Superdome by the Saints.

Amazing game, glad we were there.

I thought about getting him football tickets again, but this year is a little harder. Most games are already sold out. And he’s been working longer hours than before. So I don’t know if he can make it to any of the game dates.

What should I do?

Family Issues

A friend said, “The older the parent gets, the CRAZIER, they get.” I certainly feel that way. My mom has crazy, restrictive norms. Her way of thinking is very outdated and to the point of being strange.

1. No single friend may spend the night in your house.
2. Any female friend, whether single or married, will have sexual urges around your husband.
3. The business is your family. If you want control of your life, take care of the business.

More or less, I understand, men will cheat. So will women. But trust is very important to me. If I don’t trust my husband, I wouldn’t have married him.