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by dietingfashions on March 26, 2009

I have been receiving emails from since I became pregnant. I love the info they send to me week by week through my pregnancy. And I especially love it when they didn’t abandon me when I gave birth. kept me informed as a new parent week by week of my child’s growth. It helped me keep track of Megan’s development and even sometimes helped me resolve issues and even reasserted my parenting skills.
Like any new parent, I do not know half the time what the hell I’m doing.
But the thing I love about is their cartoons. I always am on the lookout for their funny as heck cartoon which is at the bottom of the emails every other week. I found out that the artist is Cathy Thorne of
One of my favorites. I totally remember how I felt around that time. It was exhausting. I was sleep deprived because I was so big. Walking hurt, actually everything hurt. The aches and pains… don’t get me talking about the labor pains…

And now I have been asking this question a lot lately. She’s been a bad bad little girl and she can’t even talk yet!

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