Layering It Up: Fur Cardigan + Metallic Sweater

Top: Forever 21 Metallic Sweater with 3/4 in sleeves (similar here + here), BDG Cocoon Cardigan (similar here), and Ann Taylor Loft Removable Faux Fur Cardigan (similar here)
Bottom: Express Leggings (here)
Shoes: Steve Madden Candence Boots (exact here)
Accessories: Banana Republic Bangles, Forever 21 Color Block Bangle, Metallic Belt (don’t remember from where BR or ATLoft)
Handbag: Coach Madison Tote

Brrrr…. so cold today. It’s a shame I have to go to work. I just want to stay home all day, bundle up, and drink coffee (it’s very rare I get to drink coffee). What I love about fur is that it keeps me super warm. But because the cardigan is so roomy and boxy, I want to define my waist a bit. On top of my metallic sweater, I added a cocoon sweater which has the ribbed or waffle front. By belting it, I created a defined waist.

In the mirror, it just makes me look fat! But when my husband snapped these shots, I was happy the look turned out the way I wanted. Illusions of the eye and all that jazz.

Speaking of eye, I went to the eye doctor because my new contacts were causing me some trouble. If I look at something too quickly, my eyes would blur and then my focus would kick in. It kept happening all week and it was annoying me. But good news, my left eye got .5 better.

I never thought that would happen.


Author: dietingfashions

I'm a mom of 2 girls. I struggled to lose the baby weight the second time around and by blogging my struggles helped me deal with a lot of the stress. During my struggles, I had random strangers ask me "How far along are you?" or "When are you due?" I was embarrassed. Most of the time I told them the truth, that I had given birth X months before. There were a couple of times I lied and said what they wanted to hear. When I was at a normal weight, I then struggled to find what clothes fit me. Everything about fashion went out the door and I had to re-learn what clothes and sizes fit my post pregnancy body the 2nd time around.

9 thoughts on “Layering It Up: Fur Cardigan + Metallic Sweater”

    1. It’s been a strange thing with my eyes. They are really bad. I don’t know how it improved. I still have massive dryness in my eyes though. (sleepless nights for the past 4 years – due to kids).

  1. That is awesome that one eye improved! I’ve been wearing the same contact prescription for about 7 years now…contemplating on lasik but something about it scares me. Now…onto your fab outfit, I like the layers, and the additional photo collage looks great ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks! As for the photo collage, did you notice my daughter tugging my bracelets in the middle picture?

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