Day 5

by dietingfashions on July 24, 2010

Fresh Diet Day 5


Breakfast Rating: It was okay. The ricotta cheese is very bland but the texture is heavy. The waffles are bland but then again all wheat products pretty lack flavor. It was the mangoes and mandarins that gave a sweet/ sour taste. I don’t know if I’ll order it again.

Lunch Rating: I think I will always like the caesar salads. Whether plain or with ham or chicken, it all tastes very good.

5PM Meal: I was very hungry at 5PM and decided to eat the dinner that I missed yesterday. It was Cod Loin with Port Tarragon Dijon Sauce with Southwestern Corn Saute and White Bean Puree. Very good fish but I was not delighted with the port tarragon dijon sauce. The sauce was really mustardy and I guess a bit bitter from the herb. But the corn and bean puree and the cod were delicious.

Dinner Rating: I went out for dinner again. It was my mother’s birthday.

Snack 1 Rating: It was okay. I love prosciutto, but found it funny with the wheat tortilla and the cantaloupe. The cantaloupe was sweet and juicy. By itself, it would have been good. Together, I was not used to the saltiness of the prociutto, the sweetness of the melon, and the blandness of the wheat tortilla.

Snack 2 Rating: I was not a fan of the pear and the mascapone cheese. The flavoring was very good but I did not care for the texture of the pear and with the creaminess of the cheese. The pear was very hard. I think if the pear was a bit more ripe, it would have tasted a whole lot better.

Overall, I am enjoying the Fresh Diet meals. It is refreshing to try some many different meals. I am usually stuck eating the same meals over and over again whether at home or going out. Even when I’m on a diet, I usually eat the same boring “healthy” meals over and over, day and night. Eventually boredom makes me quit the diet.

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