Day 3

by dietingfashions on July 22, 2010

I am usually off on Wednesdays but had to work. I was in a rush but with the Fresh Diet I was able to have some breakfast.

Breakfast: mandarin orange ricotta cheese crepes with fresh strawberries
Rating: since I didn’t like ricotta from day 2 I wasn’t expecting to like the crepes. I was mistaken because after heating the crepes for 30 seconds it melted and was really creamy. The strawberries added sweetness to the meal.

Lunch: country ham caesar salad with cherry tomatoes
Rating: I was starving by lunch that I scarfed this meal down. So it must have been good.

Dinner: roasted leg of lamb with red wine and shallot sauce. Baby bok Chou and eggplant
Rating: really good. I don’t prefer lamb but it good though chewy. The sauce makes the meal better and more flavorful.

Snack 1: mushroom stuffed with Cajun shrimp
Rating: I got 3!!! Delicious and spicy

Snack 2: artichoke bottoms with garlic cauliflower
Rating: cauliflower tasted like potatoes without the carbs. That’s a good thing.

Overall very good day but I’m hungry all the time. I didn’t cheat yesterday with anything. So progress!

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