DietingFashions Journey

In 2011, I started DietingFashions as a fashion blog. I had my second child late 2009 and I suddenly felt lost! It took me almost 2 years to lose the baby weight and it took a lot of diet and exercise to get me back on track.

Not many people knew but my mom began to develop a lump on her breast in 2011, which she masked as a bruise from when my toddler accidentally kicked her while sleeping. The lump was the size of a plum. It didn’t grow for years.

I remember that I threw myself into this blog as a creative outlet. My career was mentally taxing and my home life was exhausting with 2 kids under 4 years ago. My insecurities were growing out of control.

DietingFashions became a place I could review products, dress up and look pretty, and even earn revenue. It was a win!

I just wanted a peace of mind that I could earn a living doing what I find creative and not be burnt out. I had to find ME which seemed lost among my kids and family.

March 2011 with my kids.

In high school and college, my creative outlet was my poetry The Dead Poets’ Society. People would submit their poems and I would publish it. My greatest achievement was a group of students from Denmark submitted their poetry to my site as a class project.

So DietingFashions was an on and off blog that I maintained. I had all these ideas and stories but all remained in draft. I just could not keep up with the trends! It wasn’t me to try this trend or that. I was still put off by my body.

Why didn’t this lovely shirt fit me like it did before? Did it shrink or did I get fat? How come my feet got bigger and wider all of a sudden? Was that a clump of hair that just fell out?

Yes. My body was on strike. And I didn’t understand it any more. I felt like a failure. I felt old and miserable at 29.

Everything had a silver lining and it was my third pregnancy in 2012. She was unexpected. We were trying for our third child , but nothing for a really long time. I decided to just stop trying.

Sometimes, not stressing will bring rewards. Mid 2012, after I booked a Disney trip for the end of the year, I began to feel queasy just thinking about fish. It was the strangest thought while trying to eat this piece of tilapia and I couldn’t do it. ‘Am I pregnant?’

Yes I was. That’s also when I knew the blog had to be put on hold. Three kids running around while I wasn’t sure how mentally and physically prepared I was, the blog was definitely something I would revisit at a later time.

2013 photo of our little family.

I do think it is time I restart my blog. My journey is ongoing. It is not only fashion but mental, physical, and even a spiritual journey. I hope you will continue this journey with me.

Resort » Beau Rivage’s Theraputic Massage Review

Sorry for the blurry pictures. The pictures were taken on my Iphone 3GS which is not really high quality. I really do need a new phone.

A month ago I visited my in laws in Biloxi, MS. I love Mississippi. The city of Biloxi is small and quiet but definitely developing. Everything is so cute and quaint. And then you arrive to the Vegas of the South. Beach Boulevard is along the Gulf Coast beach. It is one majestic casino after another.



The largest and in my opinion, most opulent casino, resort and hotel is the Beau Rivage. My sister in law recommended the spa for a great mom’s day out. I decided to get a 75 minute Therapeutic Massage. What a splurge but it’s been 2 years since my last massage.

I was really surprised at the decor and how well equipped it was. There was a small bar with Gardetto’s Snack Mix, water, lemonade and cranberry juice. I had arrived early to check in and just hang around the waiting area.

I took a quick tour of the place. It had a sauna and hot tub pool area. The showers were clean and with fresh towels stacked nearby. I was given a very heavy, thick but luxurious bath robe.

When I was introduced to my masseuse, he was male. But I’m okay with it. He was very professional. I think his name was Brandon. Awesome service and Beau Rivage’s spa did not disappoint. I will totally be back.


The Liebster Blog Award

With Each Passing Day nominated me for a very cool award. I am quite honored and flattered to be recognized like this. Thank you to Ying from WEPD!

The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The Meaning; Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcoming.

Here are the rules for receiving this award:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. Remember, no tag backs!

11 Things About Me:
1. I love to write poetry. I have poems that have been published and I had a poem that won a city wide poetry contest.
2. I had wanted to elope with my husband. He said no because it would have crushed his grandfather.
3. My family owned a commercial photo copier. I never had to rush to get copies of school work or college applications. And friends were always at my house making copies.
4. I carried a map of New York City in my purse for 6 years ever since I visited NYC at the age of 17. I wanted to live in New York.
5. I had a thing for Donnie Yen.
6. I’m currently watching Bones on Netflix. So good, it’s almost addicting.
7. I have a strong connection to my best friend through dreams. She’s constantly in my dreams talking to me. Or if it’s a strange dream, I would say in my dream “I have to tell Nicole about this!”
8. I’m an only child and it was not fun. Yes I was spoiled but the parental pressures were solely burdened on me.
9. I want to retire by the time I’m 40. (definitely not going to happen unless I win the lottery.)
10. I don’t like to read or watch the news. Too many messed up people in the media nowadays. It makes me sad.
11. I believe in Feng Shui.

With Each Passing Day’s Questions

1. If you were given the chance to meet your favorite blogger, who would it be and why? I think it would be Bessie from Bravoe Runway. She’s very open and I love her sense of style.

2. What is your favorite movie? An Imitation of Life a 1959 film about a white mother who struggles and perseveres to become a Broadway star and her black maid/ nanny who has a white child with a problem figuring out if she’d rather be white or black. What I love about this movie is that I can feel the struggles of each character – the woman who wants to be a star, gets that chance but what does she give up – her relationship with her daughter. A black mother with a white skinned child who just wants her child to accept who she is and not try to be someone who she’s not. Eventually, regret is the final emotion when both parties realize too late that life ends very quickly.

3. What is the one thing you cannot live without? My kids – no matter how much they cry, yell and scream, I still love them. Materialistically, I cannot live without my phone.

4. Do you speak another language? I speak Vietnamese, and English fluently. I took 5 years of French – pretty rusty now but I can pull off simple conversations. And I took Mandarin for 10 months in 2011 just to find something to do.

5. What country have you visited or would like to visit? I would like to visit Paris, France again. I went when I was 8 and totally was not accustomed to the culture. I was aghast by the small portion sizes and as a kid I felt it rained too much when I was there. The only thing I credit Paris for: introducing me to Indian cuisine!

6. If you could have any person’s wardrobe collection, who would it be? Kim Kardashian’s closet.

7. Have you ever done anything spontaneous? I can easily be persuaded to do something spontaneous. A friend persuaded me to go bungee jumping 200 feet up in the air with her. Fun but I would not do that ever again.

8. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? Sing. I cannot sing at all.

9. What is one word that would describe your personality? Passionate

10.What was the best advise your mom ever gave you? Plan for everything in advance. Know what you want and achieve it. Do not be one step behind someone else.

11. If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose to be? She-Ra, Princess of Power 😉

My Questions for Nominees:
1. Describe your perfect day.
2. Would you rather win the lottery or live the way you are now?
3. 3 Things you would want if you were on a deserted island.
4. Top Favorite Book.
5. If you have super powers, what power would that be?
6. After a stressful day, what do you do to de-stress?
7. What do you fear the most?
8. How do you see yourself 10 years from now?
9. Do you believe in Love At First Sight?
10. What is your favorite song?
11. What is your favorite type of cuisine?

The Nominees
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Thank you so much!

In Review » LMFAO + Father’s Day

I am about a week late with this post, but I wanted to share a very memorable Father’s Day this year. I have two little girls and many times they want to play “girlie” games like tea party, dressy up or princesses. My husband would roll his eyes and leave me (helpless, hehe) with the girls.

My biggest problem with holidays and celebrations is what to get my husband. We do not really need anything. We’re a very open couple. If he wants something, he purchases it himself. I’m the same way.

So I decided to purchase LMFAO tickets which had Far East Movement opening up and Quest Crew performing with LMFAO. I think the show was very good and the guys of LMFAO have so much energy.

Sorry for the blurred pics. We were very far away and no DSLR cameras were allowed inside the Toyota Center.


Megan’s Father’s Day Card
Inside was a picture of her and a heart she drew (the heart looks like a jelly bean – her effort is so cute!)


Emma’s Father’s Day Card
Inside was a picture of her and a bunch of scribbles

How did you spend Father’s Day? Any gift recommendations for next year?