Mad For Tweed Part 2 – Malang Jacket

I finally got the Malang jacket from in a size Medium. I first ordered a Small which the sleeves did not fit my arms. It was too tight. Jean from did a review on the jacket and I fell in love with it. I decided to wear a form fitting black dress that is work appropriate along with the jacket to see how it will look.

Jacket: Malang Jacket from
Shoes: AT Perfect Leather Pumps

The jacket is quite comfy and it is the right length on me. It’s not thin as the Tweed jacket in my previous post. I was surprised to see how much thicker it is. If you check out Jean’s post on the Malang, she notes the size and measurements of the jacket. But there is one difference I saw from her post. She has a picture of the lining. Hers show a shiny satiny lining. The jacket I got has a quilted lining that it a bit matted. There are top and bottom pockets large enough to put in my car and house keys. As noted by Jean, this jacket is an open style that just hangs wide. I am considering putting in a hook closure.

This is another outfit I wore with the Tweed Jacket. The weather was 60 degrees all day and dipped to the 40s at night. I was still warm because of the jacket. My turtleneck from Diane Von Furstenburg however was very thin and sheer (had to wear a nude cami underneath). I was glad I paired it with the jacket.

Overall regarding the Tweed Jacket, I think it will be staple in my wardrobe.

Mad For Tweed Part 1 – Yesstyle StyleKelly Jacket Review

After Jean from reviewed her Malang Tweed (Boucle) Jacket, I was determined to get one. Why? Because I always wanted a ladylike jacket and I have been burned before by buying one I thought would look good (Ann Taylor Loft Tweed Jacket with Studs).

So when I got my Tweed Jacket from Uniqueen, I was sad to see that the Small size did not fit. It fit everywhere except my arms. Yes, if I wear even a thin sleeved layer, the jacket becomes extremely tight and constricts my entire arm from wrist to shoulder. It was like stuffing my arms in plastic tubing. Very odd. I never had a problem with the arm holes of jackets or such. So I returned the jacket and ordered a Medium after consulting with Anna Cho from

In the meantime, my Tweed Jacket from StyleKelly arrived. Luckily I ordered a Medium and it fit. But there was a downside, it was too short! My tweed obsession keeps being twarted by my nitpickiness. Still I shot these photos, just to document.

The Jacket measures:
Shoulder to Shoulder – 14″
Length – 18″
Sleeve Length – 22″
Bust – 18″
Waist – 16″

After seeing the pictures, I was pleasantly surprised at how well this jacket looked on me. I love how my Ann Taylor Ruffle Poet Blouse’s collar adds a flirty flare to the outfit.’s description of jacket stated that it is a Beige color. However, the picture (could be due to lighting or the shade of my blouse) showed a light pinkish hue that I really like. Even though the jacket does not have pockets, it had fun studded like hardware sewed where the faux pockets are. The jacket is lined in a shiny pink satin however it is very thin. I don’t think it would keep me warm at all during 40 degree weather like what Houston has been experiencing.

The pictures were an eye opener to me. The jacket is on the expensive side at $150.00 and I even requested to return the item. However, looking at the photos I really like it. Hopefully I’m not making another serious mistake. It took me a week of contemplating. I kept taking the jacket out and pairing other outfits and I think it’s going to work out in the long run.

Am I right to keep it? How would you pair this jacket?

This post is a Color Brigade Challenge from If you like the outfit please vote for me here. is run by Jean, a size XS Petite in many brands of clothing. Yes, her size is enviable. But she is very knowledgeable about putting together her outfits and what alterations are needed to make her and others look polish and professional. I am a working mother who just prefers to throw on the closest jeans and a tee shirt even for work. I know I have to make myself more presentable at work. I appreciate Jean’s classy outfits that can guide me to a new direction for my outfits.

What sets me apart from Jean is I’m a “petweeny”. I am not necessarily petite as Jean. But I’m not always sized as Regular. I’m 5’6″, 128lbs (on my good days) and on certain clothes I wear a Small Regular or a Medium Petite. For pants/jeans, I wear 6 Regular or 8 Petite. I do find differences in length with the sizes especially my favorite shopping store/site

Small Regular Tops – More fitted from Bust of Waist, however the length of the top is longer probably to Mid-Butt.

Medium Petite Tops – Shorter in length to the Hips, slightly looser fit

6 Regular Pants – Longer in length, an extra 2 or 3 inches in length (could be due to my short legs), waist band fits just right. Though I do find Loft Low Rise Skinny Jeans tend to sag in the back after wearing for a few hours.

8 Petite Pants – Looser waist (THANK GOD), just right in Length, unfortunately the front Hip area is more baggy and looks odd.

Size 8 Petiite in Incense Khaki

This looks totally different from the model on Loft’s site:

Pictures from Loft's Website

It is a shame. This pair will probably go back or I will probably exchange for a 6 Regular and hem the pants. It isn’t a thick heavy corduroy, very light weight and soft. I really like the feel of it. Glad I took a pcture of it or else I might have never known.