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by dietingfashions on April 4, 2009 is located in Arlington, TX and offers catalog, brochure, business cards and so much more printing options, it’s unbelievable. Amazingly, their prices are beyond comparison with the other online print companies.

Last year was the first time I’ve heard of I was looking for a place to print short run business cards but didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg. I found also printed catalogs which I also needed.

But after hearing really bad reviews about I decided to use my old printer who was more reliable. I just didn’t want to deal with a horrible print job.

A couple of months later, around November 2008, I was looking to make door hangers for an event I was planning. once came up with great prices that I couldn’t pass up the offer. I also found an online coupon for 20% off my print purchase of any amount!

Totally good deal. The door hangers were amazing! I also used the 20% off to send out a brochure of our black friday deals and our Black Friday event was also a success.

This year I decided to give another job order. 2 print catalogs and they exceeded my expectations.

Compare these prices:

Old Printing Co
1,000 catalogs $2,300 + shipping $1,900 with shipping and tax
2,000 catalogs $2,900 + shipping $2,400 with shipping and tax
3,000 catalogs $3,300 + shipping $2,900 with shipping and tax

We’re in Houston, TX so we had to pay tax but it’s still cheaper.

We’re thinking of other business opportunities that we could use I love that everything is received Next Day just because we’re in Texas. I wish they would have more promotion codes. I can’t find any more of those codes.

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