Funniest Thing

I came to pick up Megan from her Pre-k class today. She’s learning about dinosaurs this week. Well I overheard the teacher asking her “What color do you think dinosaurs were?”

Megan was thinking, looking around then blurted out “Purple!”

Her teacher looked at her kind of shocked and said “Are you sure dinosaurs were purple?”

My 3 year old daughter replied with a straight face, “Like Barney.”

I guess she watches too much Barney.


Author: dietingfashions

I'm a mom of 2 girls. I struggled to lose the baby weight the second time around and by blogging my struggles helped me deal with a lot of the stress. During my struggles, I had random strangers ask me "How far along are you?" or "When are you due?" I was embarrassed. Most of the time I told them the truth, that I had given birth X months before. There were a couple of times I lied and said what they wanted to hear. When I was at a normal weight, I then struggled to find what clothes fit me. Everything about fashion went out the door and I had to re-learn what clothes and sizes fit my post pregnancy body the 2nd time around.

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