Curly » Pink Peplum Dress with V Back

Stacy London from TLC’s What Not To Wear has drilled into me that Peplum is a universally flattering look. I decided to test this theory when I saw this blush pink Peplum dress from Zara.

I do believe there is potential in the peplum look. I do think the material of this dress is not as flattering. The stretch causes the dress to crease in odd spots like under the arms, the back and around the waist. Another is construction of the dress is not durable for the price. I already see threading around the flare of the peplum.

The one thing I like is my hair in this picture. I rarely do anything besides straight or loose waves. I do like these tighter curls. My problem is that I can never recreate the hairstyle after it’s done. Every time I pick up that curler, my hair comes out differently. If I have no picture of how I want my hair to look that day, my hair turns out better than I could hope for. If I try to finagle my hair into a certain look, it NEVER happens.

Dress: Zara Peplum Dress with V Back (here)
Necklace: Amritha Singh
Shoes: Zara Pumps with Metal Toe Cap (a big snug in the toe box, but comfy otherwise) (get ’em here)
Clutch: Chanel

Have you tried a peplum skirt or dress?

Windy| Cropped Florals on Sale

Armed with a $20 Rewards Card from Ann Taylor Loft (and the expiration looming), I decided to find something suitable at Loft. I have been a dedicated Loft customer for about 3 years now. I am always purchasing tops at Loft. I wanted something different. Maybe a dress, maybe a skirt, or how about a pair of pants.

I purchased the Marisa Drapey Crop Pants using my $20 rewards. Retail price is $59.50 with a 30% off that day. Total price with tax for the pair of pants is $23.44! Not bad.

I am wearing a size 4 Regulars. I did not see a Petite version in stores, but I now see it online. But I think the length is just right! I love that it has pockets.

Size 6 was a bit too roomy in the hips. So I sized down to a 4 and the fit is much better. However the waist to snugger. It should motivate me to curb my carb addiction and to work out more. These pair of pants are so light and airy! Perfect for Summer!

Top: Ann Taylor Loft Sweater (2 seasons old?)
Jacket: Banana Republic Trench Coat in XS Petite
Bottoms: Ann Taylor Loft Drapey Cropped Marisa Floral Pants (Sooooo comfy, almost like silk pjs) (get ’em here)
Shoes: Ann Taylor Snake Pattern Wedges
Scarf: Ann Taylor Loft Floral Printed Scarf

What’s In My Shopping Cart(s)?

I have been online shopping weekly now. There are just so many cute clothing lately. I have been wanting to try something new with my style – a bit funky and unique.

A heads up on the current sales:

ASOS – up to 70% off on selected items. For an extra 10% off even on the sale items, use code BONUS10 at checkout. Ends May 1, 2012.

Stylemint – Mystery Bag for $29.99. Get 2 Stylemint items for the price of 1. – 40% off Entire Purchase. Code APRIL40 – 20% Friends and Family, ends April 29. 2012. Code SFA2012

Maxi Dress Rope Belt Zebra Fedora
Canvas Shorts

Mini Apple Shorts

Organza Shorts
Shorts with Neon Detail Tulip Dress with Butterflies Shift Dress with Buckles
Pencil Dress with Colorblock Waist Fan Pleated Dress Oasis Shift Dress

At The Playground: Minty Jeans, Lace + Studs

My kids were being so bad today! They would not take their naps and kept wrestling with each other. My 4 year old has an inch scratch on her ankle while my 2 year old has a tiny split upper lip. They are both little girls but love to be rough with each other. This all happened in the name of “Fun.” Yes, they were squealing, laughing, jumping and rolling around. To get them to take a nap, I like any normal mom, bribed them. With a trip to the playground.

Top: Sabine Eyelash Lace Tank (here), and Stylekelly Studded Bolero
Bottoms: Green Pencil Jeans by LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls (here)
Shoes: Banana Republic Wedges (old)

My husband snapped these pictures just for fun. He used his Nikon point and shoot. Not bad picture quality. I miss being able to just put my camera in my purse and go. The DSLR is so bulky.

I did not realize my lace tank has knitted Eyelashes on it until I saw these pictures! It’s kinda freaky.

This bolero shrug came with a Stylekelly dress by way of Yesstyle. I still have not worn the dress. It’s a very simple, chic polka dotted dress. However lately, I only have been going to weddings and I would rather wear something a bit more “Fun.”

Thanks for reading!