PFC #18 » What To Wear To Impress Your Date

Petite Fashion Challenge #18 is hosted by Easy Petite Looks!

Bonus points for pics taken with your dates or on a girls night out!! (Did not happen that way. My date nights are beyond few unless you count all the times we take the kids along.)

Dress: Hype
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Pumps
Clutch: Coach

I went the easy route with a simple strappy floral dress with a tulip skirt. The dress also has pockets and is made of a jersey material. So comfortable and so practical. I am a mom of 2 little girls and I really don’t dress up any more. My date night looks are really easy and takes minutes to just put on and go. If the outfit takes more than 5 minutes, something will happen that makes me change my mind about date night. Usually it’s one of girls that wants to tag along or really does not want to be home with a babysitter.


I took these pictures around 7PM and was delighted to see how the images change due to position of the sun. I love the natural lens flare (and how tan I look) when the sun is to my back as opposed to a natural but washed out look when the sun is facing west of me.

What a great Petite Fashion Challenge! It was a lot harder for me, because I don’t really have to impress my date anymore. After 8 years of marriage and 4 years with kids, he’s seen me dressed up and dressed down. I don’t think he cares one way or another. As long as I don’t take too long to get ready!