Review: Ann Taylor Kamela Lizard Stamped Leather Wedges

Shoes: Ann Taylor Kamela Lizard Stamped Leather Wedges

First of all, sorry for the awful picture quality. I don’t know why the first one was good but subsequent pictures did not turn out as well.

The wedges were bought during Ann Taylor’s insane 50% off everything on Cyber Monday. I also bought a pair of the Perfect Pumps. So happy to get them at 50% off retail with Free Shipping. Originally the wedges are $178.00 – 50% off = $89.00. It features a rounded toe, leather padded inner sole, and a 3 inch heel. I wanted a new pair of wedges to replace my Banana Republic ones that I have for over 5 years now. My Banana Republic Wedges are starting to wear at the heel. I found that the wedge is chipping at the sole. I had also been eying the Christian Louboutin Ron Ron Zeppa 85mm Wedges but it’s priced at $695.00.

I was super estactic when I received it. That sentiment changed when I opened the box. I have been an Ann Taylor shopper for 3 years. I have never received an item in such a bad display. The shoe box looked new, but when I opened it, everything was in disarray. The shoes had no stuffing inside but was sitting on a pile of shoe stuffing that was torn and it was a mess. I knew I received someone’s return. That was confirmed when I checked the bottom of the shoes. It had granules of dirt. Not much but they were there.

Still hopefull, I tried on the shoe. The size 7 1/2 fit perfectly on me. The leather sole felt amazing. Unfortunately the sole was loose in one shoe. It was already peeling off the footbed! I was saddened to see that I did not receive a product in pristine condition.

Regarding comfort, I was somewhat please. There is enough cushioning for my picky feet. However, there was no arch support. After a couple of minutes, I began to feel my arch being strained. I guess everyone knows my verdict: It’s going back. I will probably wait for the next sale or save enough to get the Christian Louboutins. Hopefully I get lucky and find something more affordable.

Would you keep this shoe if you received it in this condition?

Shoe Shopping Quest at

Shoes… what can I say? I love shoes. I think it is so important that you have a shoe for any activity or event. So my hunt for a great pair of heels began at My local Target doesn’t stock much. Correction: It does stock but mostly in a big messy pile of stuff thrown together. It’s like a bunch of wolves got their hands on shoes and went at it.

I have been craving for a new pair of wedges and a pair of T-strap heels.

These are the three I bought for a total of : $34.00. Yes, 3 pairs for $34.00. Unfortunately I had to pay tax and shipping and it came out to $54.00. Not bad still for 3 pairs of shoes.

1. Merona Mandana Pump in Black – $12.48

2. Merona Elvera Wedge in Red – $9.98

3. Xhilaration® Teala Strappy Wedge Sandals in Cognac – $12.48

1. The Merona T-Strap Pump is by far the best pumps I have ever own. They are comfortable, sexy, and right on trendy. Just what I was looking for. It has a 3″ Stacked heel and the soles are so cushy. The balls of my feet were rejoicing when I tried it on. This is a keeper!

2. Elvera Demi Wedge Sandal was not too my liking once I took it out of the shoebox. I liked that it was a lower wedge heel. There are multiple slim straps that gathers together at the toes. I thought it was too much going on. I didn’t try it on so I don’t know how comfortable these shoes were. RETURNED!

3. Teala Wedge is a 4.25″ platform shoe that looked really cool and comfortable online. When I tried it on, however the arch of this shoes dipped a lot more than my arch. It has a very comfortable sole though. I bought a 7 1/2, my usual post pregnancy shoe size, but felt it runs wider than normal. Not for me. RETURNED!

Anyone buy anything from or Target App lately? Spree for Strappy Wedges

I have been searching for strappy wedges since Spring 2011. It’s now Fall 2011 and I was happy to have found 2 pairs during the 20% off Friends and Family sale. It was meant to be. is really expedient. Super fast shipping – I got my shoes in 2 days!

Seychelles Carousel Caged Wedges

Shoes: Seychelles Carousel Caged Wedges

Aren’t they beautiful with the beading? It also has a zipper at the ankles. When I slipped these babies on, I thought I was walking on air. So light on my feet and it features a thick sole padding and a 1″ wedge. The caged look is all the rage lately, but I didn’t a low wedge would look this good. I was really excited to have found my pair of strappy wedges. I might just buy the Plum color too.

My second pair that I order is the Madden Girl Whooly Wedge Sandal. From the online picture the Tan Paris color is exactly the cut and style I wanted.

Madden Girl Whooly Wedge Sandal

Unfortunately, it came a size too large on me and was very uncomfortable. It did not have any cushioning on the footbed and the arch did not fit my arch at all. The leather material was not supple but felt rather tough and stiff. Not what I expected and I was pretty disappointed.

I am waiting for the Ecco Kalac Wedge (pictured below) to be available in a size 7 though (U.K. 38). It is a lot higher but looks like there’s a 1/2 platform that will help out.

WANTED IN SIZE 7: Ecco Kalac Caged Wedge Sandal

I’m not going to worry about wearing sandals in Fall and Winter. I live in Texas. We don’t really experience cold weather until like 2 days before Christmas. It’ll be consistently cooler like in the 60s and that’s perfect weather for sandals still. I can’t wait to start wearing my Seychelles sandals. Now I just need to find a good outfit to pair it with.