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What a weekend! I hope you had an eventful Saturday and Sunday as I did. Two Weddings and two wedding receptions. I’m still stuffed with good food and GREAT cake. I love wedding cakes.

I have not sort through the wedding photos but I hope to get to it soon. I tried to remember to take photos of everything. It is very difficult when you are having fun and forgetting all about photographing.

When I got married, ummm, hummm …. years ago, many things were different. Invitations cost an arm and a leg yet very plain designs. Nowadays, invitations are a bit less expensive yet with gorgeous designs. A friend found her invitations at Hobby Lobby and printed it all by herself. I was blown away at such pretty and elegant invitations.

Also cake designing has taken off at an unbelievable level. The presentation and decorations are so unique and oh so beautiful. I remember my cake as buttercream with strawberries inside yet it was very plainly decorated. My cousin at the last minute took some fresh flowers and pinned it to my cake to create more color and dimensions. Thank goodness for her quick thinking.

A date night look with a romper and a Zara Floral peplum skirt. I did not like the Peplum Dress by Zara (from this post), however this skirt is so cute and fun. You can see the romper here. The romper has these cute petal print that goes very well with the colorful florals of the skirt.

Top: Joie Bergamont Floral Romper
Skirt: Zara Floral Peplum Skirt (here)
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft Strappy Heels
Bag: Chanel Classic Flap Medium

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