BCBGMaxazria Short Ruffle Dress in Blue Sapphire

My search for a great dress for a wedding continues. Haute Look (referal, cashback) had a BCBGMaxazria sale, I had my eye on this Blue Ruffle Dress. The front is very flirty with the ruffles but the back is left bare which gives the dress a major WOW factor.

Unfortunately, on me, the WOW factor was diminished. I don’t know why but the dress made me look a lot wider from the backside. The pictures showed that I have a slight hunchback for some reason. Could it be the angle and lighting?

Bracelet: House of Harlow Leather and Crystal Bangle, Talullah Tu Tassle String Bracelet from ASOS
I was determined to keep the dress so I corralled my husband into taking this next set of pictures.

It was a lot better, but the pictures still showed that it was not a good dress for my body. The ruffles at my hips made me look a lot wider. Furthermore, the placement of that black strip against my back is too high up. It cut up my body from the back making me look short. I want a dress to elongate my body not splice it up.

It was a fun dress to consider. Sorry I had to return it.

Showcase: House of Harlow 1960

I always admire what Nicole Richie accomplished with fame. She had her lows but she is one of the few people who turned herself around and is now prevailing. She’s happy and complete. I am amazed to see that in her designs. It’s intense and strong with a lot of deep colors. I love how one bangle is classy with crystals yet has strength with the leather. Nothing is dainty. I think that’s how people probably viewed her: as dainty. Yet she is not. She has to have guts and a backbone to survive. It totally shows in this Winter 2011 collection.

What I am wanting from the House of Harlow 1960 collection: