1st Purchase of 2015» Fitness Wear

LOL. My 1st purchases of the year were fitness clothes. Last year, I cleaned out my closet and noticed my fitness wear were all yoga pants and t-shirts I have had since college. I donated those clothes and decided to just buy fitness clothes from Gap. Gap has a line of fitness wear that’s moderately priced and their line is Gapfit. I think it’s only available to women. I know that Gap has a athletic wear brand Athleta that’s more pricey. I think it’s to compete with Lululemon (which I have not purchased from). Lululemon just seems too pricey and I have been hearing such negative HR practices and subpar reviews on their products that I am not interested in their products.

If you disagree, drop me a comment and let me know what I should be looking at Lululemon.

Well 2 Gapfit gfast leggings purchases later and I’m a little disappointed. The leggings lasted about 5 months before “slippage” started to happen. “Slippage” is what I term when an article of clothing starts to slide down my body and won’t stay in place. Any running, movement causes the leggings to slip and expose body parts. About the 10th month mark, the leggings attracted so much lint! It’s probably 1 year since I purchased those leggings and I’m ready to retire them.

I purchased from Nike.com and Boston brand CraneandLion.com. Crane and Lion was on my Facebook ad space and I thought it was cool. Clicked on the site and was really drawn to the clothing and the minimalistic styles. The colors are soothing and relaxing. Exactly what I was looking for.

See what I purchased:

Nike Leg-A-See Logo Shine Nike Leg-A-See Logo
Zip-Up Jacket Capri Tight
Short Sleeve Tee Lightweight Tight

*I was not compensated for this posted. I am not affiliated with Nike.com or Craneandlion.com.

Crane and Lion is having a promo until 1/7/15: 20% off 1 Item, 30% off 2 Items, and 40% off 3+ items. Free Shipping over $250. No Code Required.

Nike.com is having Free Shipping with a purchase over $75. No Code Required.

Let me know in the comments what your first purchase of the year and why did you purchase it?