Crave » Yves Saint Laurent Sunnies

Saint Laurent Panther Plastic Cat's-Eye Sunglasses

I forgot where I first laid eyes on this pair of sunnies. The first thing I thought was ‘Holy sh*t! What gorgeous sunnies! It’s going to cost an arm and a leg.’

Boy, was I surprised it’s a steal at $295.00 (for the name brand). has 1 left and I’m itching to press the BUY button. (Unfortunately, I’ve been monitoring my spending a lot more. I have one more mouth to feed and to save up for a college fund.)

So if someone grabs it before I do, shoot me an instagram and let me live vicariously through your triumphant purchase!


Crave: Vibrant Hi-Low Skirts

1. Selby by Stylemint (Get It Here)
2. Floral Hi-Lo Skirt by Lucy Love (Get It Here)
3. Striped Hi-Lo Skirt by Frock Candy (Get It Here)
4. Pili Maxi by Velvet (Get It Here)
5. Chiffon Hi-Lo Maxi by LC Lauren Conrad (Get It Here)

I am trying to figure which Hi-Low skirt I should purchase. I am really torn between all these colors and design. Hi-lo skirts to me are so elegant yet with a vampy twist. You get as much coverage and as much skin.

Have you tried the Hi-Lo Skirt trend? Happy Easter everyone!

Crave: All Things Purple

I have been dying for something purple in my wardrobe. Unfortunately the only item that is remotely purple is a light purple cable sweater from Ann Taylor Loft. But I want a rich, and vibrant purple “THING!” Anything. Coats, Tops, Pants, Accessories.. a n y t h i n g.

Here are a few PURPLISH objects I’m craving for: