Boyfriend Blazer

I have been seeing many celebrities rocking this trend for quite sometime. I would say for over a year now. I live in the south and it is immensely hot and humid to even think about wearing a jacket during spring, summer and fall!

That was a year ago. And while I was pregnant.

This season, after the baby bump is gone and I’m just left with a bump, I decided to drag out my suit blazers. I found that I could pair loose fitting camis, tanks, shirts with a blazer over to define my waist more. It also gives the appearance of a “pulled together” look. I was amazed.

I decided to go shopping for a boyfriend blazer, which just means a longer length jacket.  You’ll also notice boyfriend blazers have sleeves that can be folded up to show a pinstripe lining. It’s for style contrast.

I went to Ann Taylor outlet and found a black boyfriend blazer in my size at $49.99. Got to the register and was charged $29.99. YAY!!! So now I am trendy and I’m loving how a simple blazer can slimline my post baby body.