Bane Of My Existence – Smash Burger Fries

Yes they are damn good. The seasoning makes it worth gaining 5 extra pounds. The fries are delicious. Crunchy and tasty. I think it’s sprinkled with rosemary and a something that makes it sweet but not too sweet.

BUT you can feel it going to your arteries instantly. It is something I like to indulge eating once in a while. Just not every week. Possibly it could be a cheat for each month.

Smash Burger Fries

Dry Shampooing

Tresemme Dry Shampoo

I didn’t believe it till I tried it. I really like how this product works. If you haven’t seen the commercials then let me tell you what it does.

Ladies, or gents. We’ve all gone a day or two without shampooing our hair. Alright, I’m a new baby mama, so I’ll admit that I’ve gone as much as 5 days without shampooing. And it feels awful. Your hair is itchy, greasey and limp.

Get this product.

1. Shake it up first.

2. Spray 10 inches away from your head. Spray evenly throughout your hair.

3. Let the solution set for 1-2 minutes.

4. Comb your hair.

Voila! Your hair instantly feels cleaner, has the oomph back into it, and there’s none of that grease.

And it smells great!

4 easy steps to make your life a little less stressed.

Boyfriend Blazer

I have been seeing many celebrities rocking this trend for quite sometime. I would say for over a year now. I live in the south and it is immensely hot and humid to even think about wearing a jacket during spring, summer and fall!

That was a year ago. And while I was pregnant.

This season, after the baby bump is gone and I’m just left with a bump, I decided to drag out my suit blazers. I found that I could pair loose fitting camis, tanks, shirts with a blazer over to define my waist more. It also gives the appearance of a “pulled together” look. I was amazed.

I decided to go shopping for a boyfriend blazer, which just means a longer length jacket.  You’ll also notice boyfriend blazers have sleeves that can be folded up to show a pinstripe lining. It’s for style contrast.

I went to Ann Taylor outlet and found a black boyfriend blazer in my size at $49.99. Got to the register and was charged $29.99. YAY!!! So now I am trendy and I’m loving how a simple blazer can slimline my post baby body.

Hunt For My Perfect Boots

The hunt is over. Previously, I had written that I wanted Selena Gomez’s boots that she wore on Wizards of Waverly Place. I still don’t know what brand of boots she wore. But I found one almost like it!

It is the Steve Madden Candence. It comes in two colors.

Cognac and Black

The boots are super comfortable and stylish. It doesn’t show that there is a foldable cuff but it is an option. I got both Cognac and Black but only kept the Cognac. Even though the black is very similar to the boots worn on Wizards, I felt like I have too many black shoes already. The Cognac is a different color to spruce up my wardrobe.

If you are getting it, get the boots in a 1/2 size larger than the size you normally wear. I wear a 7 but decided to buy a 7.5, which turned out to be a perfect fit. I just thought if I was going to wear thicker socks (like knee high socks) than I would just get the boots in a 1/2 size larger. Worked out in my case.

I got the boots at It was my first purchase from that site and I’m reallly please. I haven’t gotten my refund from my return yet, but it’s still too soon. had the boots for $99.99 compared to and at $129.00. Also I got 20% off with a coupon code VISA by paying with a VISA credit card. Also runs a lot of specials as high as 25% off!

So my boots ended up only being $79 and some change. Free shipping. Not Overnight shipping like or but I wasn’t in a rush to receive them. Overall very satisfied with my purchase.

Yo Yo Diets

After having my 2nd baby, I was definitely heavier than I had ever been. The weight should have been dropping but it was not. It was actually increasing. I was scared to be overweight but I was exhausted trying to care for a 2 year old and a newborn. It wasn’t until my doctor told me at my woman’s wellness checkup “Lose the weight ASAP. You’re getting fat.” Wow, what a slap in the face.

What was more frustrating, was the daily comments from passerbys, waitresses, clients etc. “Oh, what a cute baby bump. When are you due?”

It was insulting to me. And embarrassing. I always had to say “Oh I just had the baby.” When I had her 5 months ago.

With my first, I had to lose 10 lbs, which took 10 months. With this 2nd one, 20 lbs to lose.

I’m glad to say after working out and portion controlling my diet, I lost 8 lbs in 2 months. I can fit in my old jeans again (unfortunately not my college jeans). I still have 12 lbs but now I’m very hopeful.

But what surprised me most, was the urgency I felt in needing to lose this weight. I also felt constant dredge. I also felt like I had to take these weight loss pills. I don’t like pills or medication of any type. However, when my physical trainer recommended a weight loss solution, I almost jumped at it. For one, it was coming from a certified trainer. He recommended a herbal cleanse, energy drinks and meal replacement shakes. He said it was made by a really reputable company with endorsed athletes and notable doctors on board.

Except it costs an arm and a leg.

Really expensive but it works with money back guarantee. Not this isn’t true. Just a gimmick and a ploy after I did my research. And the strange thing, it does work but like any medicated diet plan, it not guaranteed to keep working after you stop. Which isn’t how effective diet and weight loss supposed to work.

I have been exercising with 4 certified trainers over 10 years. This is the first time a trainer recommend something like this. He is a good trainer but I think he’s just thinking of his pocketbook more.

I cannot mention the name of this yo yo diet company. Apparently they do not like any type of publicity even good ones. There are some blogs about it but most blogs did not update their status. I tried contacting a user, but he only approved of my comment. He wouldn’t respond. So this company, who is supposedly, a great energy, weight loss, nutritional company wants everything hush hush. Strange indeed.