Yo Yo Diets

After having my 2nd baby, I was definitely heavier than I had ever been. The weight should have been dropping but it was not. It was actually increasing. I was scared to be overweight but I was exhausted trying to care for a 2 year old and a newborn. It wasn’t until my doctor told me at my woman’s wellness checkup “Lose the weight ASAP. You’re getting fat.” Wow, what a slap in the face.

What was more frustrating, was the daily comments from passerbys, waitresses, clients etc. “Oh, what a cute baby bump. When are you due?”

It was insulting to me. And embarrassing. I always had to say “Oh I just had the baby.” When I had her 5 months ago.

With my first, I had to lose 10 lbs, which took 10 months. With this 2nd one, 20 lbs to lose.

I’m glad to say after working out and portion controlling my diet, I lost 8 lbs in 2 months. I can fit in my old jeans again (unfortunately not my college jeans). I still have 12 lbs but now I’m very hopeful.

But what surprised me most, was the urgency I felt in needing to lose this weight. I also felt constant dredge. I also felt like I had to take these weight loss pills. I don’t like pills or medication of any type. However, when my physical trainer recommended a weight loss solution, I almost jumped at it. For one, it was coming from a certified trainer. He recommended a herbal cleanse, energy drinks and meal replacement shakes. He said it was made by a really reputable company with endorsed athletes and notable doctors on board.

Except it costs an arm and a leg.

Really expensive but it works with money back guarantee. Not this isn’t true. Just a gimmick and a ploy after I did my research. And the strange thing, it does work but like any medicated diet plan, it not guaranteed to keep working after you stop. Which isn’t how effective diet and weight loss supposed to work.

I have been exercising with 4 certified trainers over 10 years. This is the first time a trainer recommend something like this. He is a good trainer but I think he’s just thinking of his pocketbook more.

I cannot mention the name of this yo yo diet company. Apparently they do not like any type of publicity even good ones. There are some blogs about it but most blogs did not update their status. I tried contacting a user, but he only approved of my comment. He wouldn’t respond. So this company, who is supposedly, a great energy, weight loss, nutritional company wants everything hush hush. Strange indeed.