Christmas 2012 » Holiday Outfit of The Day

by dietingfashion on December 25, 2012

Finally! It’s cold enough in Houston, Texas to actually bring out the winter clothes. It’s been a very mild winter here and I see all the blogs highlighting winter clothes like coats, boots, sweaters etc, but I couldn’t bring myself to wear all those things in high 70 degree weather.

Well, today Christmas Day, not only did Santa bring me a little some-something (see the Tiffany WOC) but he also brought his North Pole windy and cold weather. When I took these pictures, it was only 67 degrees but the wind made it feel like it was in the 50s. By morning tomorrow, it’s expected that we will received some SNOW! It doesn’t snow often here. Maybe every 3 or so years, we get an inch of snow. It is fun and my kids have been asking “Where’s the snow?”

Shirt: J. Crew Tissue Thin Turtleneck in Heather Grey (here)
Jacket: J. Crew Lady Jacket in Corkscrew Tweed, Vibrant Fuchsia color (here)
Pants: DL1961 Angel Maternity Ankle Jeans (here)
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Leather Pumps (here)
Bag: Tiffany and Co City Clutch Wallet with Chain (here)

Merry Christmas and Have a Safe and Happy New Year!


Celebrations» Happy Thanksgiving!

by dietingfashion on November 22, 2012

I just had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with my family – all 11 of us! My aunt and uncle treated us to a great Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving to me is a wonderful holiday that’s as special as Christmas time.

Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft Heart Printed Henley (here)
Bottoms: Citizens of Humanity Maternity Avedon Skinny Jeans (here)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Minibouts
Handbag: Louis Vuitton Trevi PM (here)
Jewelery: Jewelmint Rings and Banana Republic Feather Gem Necklace

I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving!


Update » Hands Full + Expecting

by dietingfashion on October 17, 2012

Hello Everyone!

It’s been about a month and a half since I posted on this blog. I feel really bad for not updating with any thing. Well from this post’s title, you might have guessed it: I’m expecting!

I am 20 weeks along and this pregnancy will be my third for those readers who did not know. We have been trying for over 6 months and there was a time when I thought I couldn’t conceive. Along with my expanding waistline, this pregnancy has been very different from my previous two.

I was a rock with my first two – no morning sickness, no cravings. This pregnancy has been filled with moments of illness, nausea, cramps, back aches, and intense hip pain. And I’m only half way through!

My cravings have intenstified way much more than before. With my first two pregnancy, I didn’t really crave for anything except sweets. I didn’t have an aversion to anything either. This third pregnancy – I dislike fish and beef! In the beginning, the look and smell of fish and beef set me off – it was uncontrollable nausea. Very strange.

Usually, the last two months of pregnancy really becomes difficult due to the weight gain, belly size, and the braxton hicks. But my aches and pains started much earlier – as early as 10 weeks. My hips and back are oh so achy! I feel decrepit! My doctor said this is normal for third pregnancies because my body just knew what to do to prepare for labor – my body just went from normal to accelerated mode.

Top: Forever 21 Striped Sheer Blouse
Jacket: Juicy Couture Cape Trench
Bottoms: Citizens of Humanity Avedon Maternity Jeans
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Mini Bout in Taupe Brown

I’m going to start blogging bits by bits now that I’m feeling up better. Lots of things are going on the last quarter of this year. I have so much stuff planned that I feel I need some sort of miracle. In a couple of days, I’ll be heading off to Vegas for a 2 day convention. Twenty-five days later, the four of us are going to Disney World. Then it’s Emma’s Birthday, Christmas and finally after New Year’s will be Megan’s Birthday. So much fun filled days with lots of planning still to come.

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Late for Work » Florals + Mint + Linen

by dietingfashion on September 5, 2012

Being a mom of two causes me to be occasionally late to work. My older child is 4 and is in the “why?” phase. Frustrating as it sounds, it’s funny to be at the end of the conversation with “It’s just that. Stop asking why!” To which she blurts “But why?”




Pretty much this is my late for work, got to go outfit. No matter how much time spent on steaming and ironing the linen blazer, it will not straighten out. I believe it adds character to the outfit in a way.



Top: Ann Taylor Loft Bubble Hem Floral Top
Jacket: Loft Linen Blazer
Bottoms: Paige Denim Verdugo Skinny Jeans
Shoes: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls Cork Wedges (here)
Pin: Loft Flower Pin


Labor Day BBQ » White Denim + Fuchsia Rose Tie Tank

by dietingfashion on August 29, 2012

August has flown by so quickly! My kids have been in school for a week and I have been dealing with major website issues at work. Fortunately, everything is back on track and things are looking good. Labor Day is just around the corner. Hope everyone enjoys an extended weekend.



I am glad this summer has been cooler than previous years. Not by much but the slightly lower temps are a lot easier to deal with than record humidity and heat highs. I’m very thankful that the drought that plagued Texas for the past 2-3 years have finally been lifted. It has caused a lot of farms and rural ranches to go out of business and put an immense increase in food prices. I can finally water my lawn without getting a city notice to just water once a week!


Top: Stylemint Violet Tank in Fuchsia Rose
Bottom: Ann Taylor White Denim
Shoes: Loft Frances Pop Color Wedges
Bag: LV Trevi PM
Hat: Missoni for Target