What I love about Swagbucks is that you get money for searching. It is a search engine that awards points in the from of “Swagbucks” for items even gift cards to Amazon and Paypal. I have been a member for about 1 year. I haven’t cashed my earnings yet but currently accumulated about 9,835 Swagbucks. You can also get Swagbucks by doing surveys, shop at participating stores (thousands of shops), or find swagcodes before they expire. So there are multiple of ways to earn Swagbucks.

It’s not a scam. Completely legit and awesome. They do not ask for anything in return.

Ebay Shopping Spree – Late Night Edition

It is impossible to shop during the day. Bright and early I get up to take my two kids to day care/ early learning school. Then jet to work from 10am – 7pm. Come home to give the girls a bath, prepare their meals, read their bedtime story and tuck them in to bed. By 10 pm, I am EXHAUSTED.

I don’t know if any other moms experience this, but I am constantly awakened during the night. I’m either running to see why my little one is squealing at midnight as she tries to find her pacifier lost in her blankets, or re-tucking my older one after she fell off her toddler bed. But last night, I shook from sleep to realize that I can now SHOP to my heart’s content.

I purchased two things on Ebay:

LC Lauren Conrad Ballet Flats for $14.99 + $ 9 shipping. These were last season, but I have been looking for cute pink ballet flats for a while now.

Zoku Quick Pop Duo Maker + Zoku Tools – $39.99 + $9 shipping
Original price of Zoku Pop Maker is $39.99 + Zoku Tools $19.99 – Saved $10 bucks and Tax.

I cannot wait to receive these items.

LC Lauren Conrad Fall 2011 Collection

I am adoring LC Lauren Conrad’s collection this Fall 2011. It is hip yet with a ladylike flare. I think this collection focused more on a relax style that could be dressed up for special occasions.


I purchased from Kohls.com the following:

LC Lauren Conrad Pointelle Sweater – I bought the Doeskin and the Marsala colors. I love sweaters and I love the sweetheart mock neckline.

LC Lauren Conrad Striped Pleated Shorts

LC Lauren Conrad Pleated Chiffon Skirt
– I purchased it in the color Cafe Tint.

LC Lauren Conrad Fall 2011 Collection

I also used a 20% code I had found – Kohls Friends & Family: 20% OFF with code OCTFF20. exp 10-16-11. Plus I used the link from my Discover Card shops to receive 5% cash back from the purchase. Kohls is also running a special for purchase over $75 to get Free Shipping.

I haven’t received this shipment yet. I will see if I’m keeping any. But I’m hoping everything looks as good as it does online.

Printplace.com – Yes or No?

Printplace.com is located in Arlington, TX and offers catalog, brochure, business cards and so much more printing options, it’s unbelievable. Amazingly, their prices are beyond comparison with the other online print companies.

Last year was the first time I’ve heard of printplace.com. I was looking for a place to print short run business cards but didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg. I found printplace.com also printed catalogs which I also needed.

But after hearing really bad reviews about Printplace.com I decided to use my old printer who was more reliable. I just didn’t want to deal with a horrible print job.

A couple of months later, around November 2008, I was looking to make door hangers for an event I was planning. Printplace.com once came up with great prices that I couldn’t pass up the offer. I also found an online coupon for 20% off my print purchase of any amount!

Totally good deal. The door hangers were amazing! I also used the 20% off to send out a brochure of our black friday deals and our Black Friday event was also a success.

This year I decided to give Printplace.com another job order. 2 print catalogs and they exceeded my expectations.

Compare these prices:

Old Printing Co Printplace.com
1,000 catalogs $2,300 + shipping $1,900 with shipping and tax
2,000 catalogs $2,900 + shipping $2,400 with shipping and tax
3,000 catalogs $3,300 + shipping $2,900 with shipping and tax

We’re in Houston, TX so we had to pay tax but it’s still cheaper.

We’re thinking of other business opportunities that we could use printplace.com. I love that everything is received Next Day just because we’re in Texas. I wish they would have more promotion codes. I can’t find any more of those codes.

Sale? I’m There

I always love a good sale, especially for good quality couture stuff. Shopbop.com is a great place to get the name brand clothing. But sometimes they have really great sales.

I love this “Dolman cardigan” or maybe it’s just the model wears it well. The best part is that this once $125.00 cardigan is now only $37.50.

Unfortunately I found it too late and it only has a Large. Sometimes size won’t stop me from getting it but I don’t have the habit of picking anything that is ON SALE. Anymore.

I’ve made those mistakes before.

::sigh:: I’ll find something else though.