On The Hunt: The Leather Jacket

I always wanted a leather jacket. I think leather jackets are sexy, but also useful. I have only owned peacoats and other ladylike coats. I want something different now.

Mackage Rib Trimmed Leather Jacket

I have my eye on a Mackage Ribbed Leather Jacket. It is in the right price range I was searching for. However, my main concern with leather jackets is how I would look with it on. I am afraid that a leather jacket will overwhelm my body.

I am also thinking of purchasing just to try out the fit:

MICHAEL Michael Kors Hooded Leather Jacket
Mackage Zelda Leather Jacket
MICHAEL Michael Kors Asymmetric-Zip Scuba Jacket

What do you look for in a coat?

Girl’s Night [Out]fit – High Waisted Mini Skirt

Top: Ann Taylor Loft Sequin Short Sleeve Sweater
Bottom: Juicy Couture Lace Skirt
Scarf: Madewell Long Stem Roses Scarf
Shoes: Naturalizer Bates Booties

When I think of a good outfit to go hang with my girlfriends, I usually grab a skirt and heels. I don’t know why. I believe those two components just makes an outfit fun and feminine. I do like how the sequins of the shirt sparkle and shine. The sweater is very light weight and comfy. However, it’s very thin and the knit does catch on zippers (like the Juicy Couture skirt). I was able to straighten the knit out so no harm done. It’s getting really chilly in Houston, so the scarf by itself would not do. I am waiting for my cape to come in so hopefully it’ll be warm enough with this outfit.

This is my oldest, Megan. She wanted to be in the pictures but I think she was getting sleepy (due to that mean glare from her face). She’s very fashionable at 3 yrs old. And she will veto what I wear. By the way, I purchase the Juicy Couture skirt from Shopbop.com for a higher price. I had missed that Net-a-Porter had a sale going on and had the skirt at $40 cheaper than shopbop.com. Also if you like the skirt, it is meant to be worn high up. If you like it lower to your hips, buy a size up. My skirt is size 6 and I like it. It’s thinly lined though.

I chose the scarf for it’s French Paisian look. The soft colors worn with a slight bow at the neck. I love Madewell clothing. I think it’s durable and feminine. The scarf was also purchased from Shopbop.com. I have been a shopbop.com customer for a while but it’s only recently that I started shopping there again. I love the 2 day shipping and easy returns. I will probably return the skirt though, since Net-a-Porter is offering deeper discounts.

This outfit is a challenge from cuteandlittle.com. If you like my outfit, please vote for me here. Thank you!

Being a Benefit Girl

It was a shame that I missed Sephora’s Friends and Family 20% off Sale last week. I had just purchased the items I needed from Sephora the week before. Perusing Sephora during the sale didn’t make me want anything. I don’t need to purchase something just because it’s on sale.

What I normally buy from Sephora is Benefit Cosmetics. This brand is young, chic, and trendy. I love their small lip balm pots but the one item I have been buying from Benefit for over 10 years is their Dandelion Blush.

Here are the Benefit Makeup I currently own, or did own.

1. Benefit Smokin’ Eyes Palette
Amazing palette so you can create that smokey eye look. I like the soft heather gray shadow and the pink shadow is actually the highlighter that goes from mid brow bone to corner brow bone. When you highlight along that brow bone, your eyes just POP.

2. Benefit Boi-ing Concealer
This concealer goes on smooth and easy. It doesn’t clump at all. It concealers all – dark circles, lines, acne, pigmentation of your skin etc.

3. Benefit Dandelion Blush
I have been using this blush for over 10 years. I LOVE IT. The pink blush goes on flawlessly. It does not cake on. Dandelion is very popular. It creates this beautiful flush that looks like you just stepped out of a hot shower, or you just had a blast somewhere.

4. Benefit Eye Bright
By lining this from the bottom of your eye along the bone to the outer corner eye bone area, this stick helps cover up dark areas and makes you look awake and alive. Remember to blotted and blend in to your skin. I also put some on the inner corner of my eyes for some impact too.

5. Benefit Dr. Feelgood
It’s been a while since I have used this product. Before I found a great dermatologist, I used Dr. Feelgood to cover up my pores. It was very lightweight and smelled pretty good. I also remembered it soaked up a lot of oil especially on my T Zone area.

6. Benefit Lip Balm with SPF15
I carry this little pot everywhere I go. First, I was looking for a light lip stain with SPF. I never used any lipstick before with SPF. My dermatologist had reminded me to find one for my lips because it could also be affected by UV sun rays. This tint gives like a Just Been Kissed vibe.

7. Benefit Silky-Finish Lipstick in My Treat
Goes on really smooth, no unwanted scent from Lipstick. It was very small and compact too. My Treat is a creamy, virbrant rosey color but it turned out to be a lot darker than what I am used to. I haven’t worn it much because I love the Lip Balm more.

What are your favorite Benefit Cosmetics makeup?