pink cords

My Rocker Chic Look

Top: Ann Taylor Lace Yoked Tee sz. S
Bottom: Modern Slim Leg Corduroy Pants in Pink Rouge sz. 28 Petite
Shoes: Naturalizer Bates Booties sz. 7
Belt: Ann Taylor Loft Metallic Skinny Belt

I didn’t really like the Lace Yoke Tee. I thought it was a bit too much when I first opened the box. I however love the Pink Cords. They are super soft and very comfy. It is a really lightweight corduroy, not a thick material at all. I don’t know why I wanted PINK pants, but I got them anyway. I thought to myself what can go with this pair of pants? Well I didn’t have anything else but the Lace Yoke Tee, so why not try it on. When I looked in the mirror, I thought to myself, “I look completely different!” What shoes do I have to kick it up an extra notch? My booties.

For an EXTRA kick, I curled some pieces of my hair with my flat iron to give it a tousled look. So my Rocker Chic Look was born. I feel empowered and younger. Wait till you see the demure PTO outfits that are coming up for review and you’ll know why this unexpected outfit made my day.

Is there an outfit that empowers you?