Outfit for Backyard BBQ

Sunday OOTD » Backyard BBQ

by dietingfashion on June 17, 2012

No, I don’t have a Sunday BBQ to go to. My new neighbor is having a BBQ right now, and the food is permeating into my backyard. I don’t know the family too well to intrude. But if they keep having BBQs I might have to make their acquaintance. I like to get to know my neighbors but strangely my husband dislikes any type of chit chat or small talk (unless under duress). So while I’m taking pictures, the smell is making me drool. Hence, the title of today’s post.





Have a great Sunday!

Top: Loft Bow V Neck Top
Bottom: LC Lauren Conrad Floral Chiffon Shorts (here)
Shoes: LC Lauren Conrad Peep Toe Wedge Platform Shoes (here – on sale)
Bag: Coach Clutch
Jewelry: LC Lauren Conrad Cuff (here), LC Lauren Conrad Rings (here), LC Lauren Conrad Love Birds Necklace (here)