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by dietingfashion on December 28, 2012

You can say I have been blogging since I was 14 with my first website The Dead Poet’s Society stored on AOL’s servers. But my first venture into the fashion blogosphere was about a year ago. It was actually Glee Josko’s site CreativeFashionGlee.com that inspired me to start this very personal fashion blog.

I had began following Glee in October 2011. By July 2012, I began to contribute to Glee’s fashion site with style tips and articles. What drew me to her fashion blog was her content and that she was very responsive with my questions. You see in October 2011, I had finally began to shed my pregnancy weight. It took a total of 23 months to finally be me again.

The first thing on my To Do List was a new wardrobe. The second thing was to share my fashion journey through DietingFashions.com. And I turned to CreativeFashionGlee.com for advice.

If you ever wanted to know what it takes to start a successful blog or if you have a blog that isn’t making enough money to support it, check out Glee’s Publishing A Successful Fashion Blog eBook.

When I heard of Glee’s extraordinary eBook, I was so proud of her! She’s brilliant, sweet, and honest. I thought it was very kind of her to share her knowledge and expertise about the fashion blogging world.

In her eBook Publishing A Successful Fashion Blog, learn from Glee first hand at what it takes to build and brand your fashion blog. What sets this book apart from all other “How To Blog” books, is her complete honesty. There are no complicated steps or baffling this and that. She gives 92 tips on how to make it in the blogging world, including how to generate a stable income in 6 months!

Her 62 page eBook is filled with useful information on how to get started, with what type of blogging platform, discover your audience, the basics on blogging, Search Engine Optimization tips, monetizing strategies, and even how to beat writer’s block.


I finished her eBook on an hour plane flight and in that 1 sitting, learned more about blogging than all the time I blogged! The mistakes I have been making, and the ideas began to fill my brain on how I can make my blog better. Isn’t that what any blogger wants? Tactics, strategies and a check list to keep from veering off the blogging track.

Right now, for less than $15, Publishing A Successful Fashion Blog is an amazingly detailed “How To” eBook that’s perfect for Christmas to any one thinking of starting a blog, or struggling to build traffic and monetize their site.

Whether it’s a belated Christmas gift to yourself, make it a point to include Publishing A Successful Fashion Blog’s tips and strategies in your New Year’s Resolution.

*Please note that any links on this page will lead you to purchase Publishing A Successful Fashion Blog. Dietingfashions.com will earn a commission based on the sale. Profits of all sales will go to the Covenant House to help homeless kids this Winter Season. THANK YOU!

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avatar Glee December 28, 2012 at 7:14 am

This is such a fabulous review, Helen, thank you so much! I had no idea that you were inspired by my blog, Creative Fashion, to venture into fashion blogging. The only thing I remembered upon reading your blog for the first time was that I was impressed with the way you write, I love your writing style and the many good stuff I found on your blog.

Wishing you more blogging success for 2013 as well as family, career and personal success!
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