Day 2

by dietingfashions on July 21, 2010

I started today at 6:30am but did not get to eat until 8:30am. The time was spent feeding my 7month old baby and giving her a bath. So here’s what I had:

Breakfast: multi grain pancakes with mango ricotta cheese and fresh pear
Rating: pancakes were dry and bland. I’m not a fan of ricotta cheese outside of pasta dishes. The pears did make the taste more pleasing.

Lunch: whole wheat pizza Alfredo with portabella mushroom & pepper jack cheese.
Rating: to die for. The creamy Alfredo to the kick of pepper and to the sweet juiciness of the mushroom

Dinner: grilled chicken breasts with apricot curry sauce with spaghetti squab and asparagus.
Rating: very well made. Tender chicken medallions with a mild curry sauce.

Snack 1: whole wheat beef ravioli with sub dried tomato pesto
Rating: amazing! I had it with my dinner and the pesto with the curry sauce…love it!

Snack 2: pineapple coconut muffin
Rating: sweeter than I expected but real pineapple chunks and real coconut shavings. Nice sized muffin.

Overall I enjoyed everything except breakfast. Though I was starving after lunch that I ate 3 breadsticks and a slice of pepperoni pizza.

Can’t wait for tomorrow. There’s leg of lamb for dinner!!!

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